⛳️ Golf Backswing Drills Create A Repeatable Golf Swing [EVERY SWING!]

What Makes a Set of Golf Clubs?

Golf is a game that can take years, even decades to master. The idea is simple enough; just hitting a ball around with a stick, at the most basic level. However, golf clubs are much more than just sticks, and understanding the differences can greatly improve your chances of becoming a proficient golfer.

There’s Only Two Types of Swings – Which One Are You?

Most golfers struggle endlessly because the practice the wrong things. If they even practice at all. But you don’t want to be that guy. You want to actually improve your golf game by practicing the right things for your own individual swing.

How to Choose the Perfect Golf Gift

It’s that time. Your special someone has a birthday coming up. They want something related to golf but you’re not sure what to get them. Let me help by outlining three super cool golf gifts that won’t break the bank.

Golf – Getting Back to the Basics – The Proper Set Up

When you watch a Professional Golfer on TV or at a tournament it always appears to be so easy. When you watch their Golf Swing it seems effortless, even when they are powering the ball off the tee. If you notice the Professional golfer has a specific routine and a consistent technique. In order for the amateur golfer to play at a consistent level, they must develop a similar routine and pay close attention to technique. There are four major categories to technique in Golf and they are all important in every aspect of the game.

Having Trouble With Your Golf Swing? A Likely Culprit Could Be Swing Tempo and Balance!

Almost all top professional as well as amateur golfers have fluid golf swings that feature excellent tempo and balance. A golf swing that lacks these attributes will result in the loss of power, distance and accuracy. Lee Trevino once said that great swing tempo and the balance that comes with it is the most important part of the golf swing.

Buying Your First Set of Golf Clubs

Golf can be played as a leisure game or at a professional level. Many people tend to go on leisure play off.

How to Hone Your Golf Swing Techniques

Golf is without a doubt one of the hardest games to play, this is because everything you do in golf involves only a club and a ball! Therefore the importance of getting your golf swing techniques right can not be stressed enough, if you are not enjoying your golf game currently; chances are that you might be suffering with these techniques.

Balance is the Key to a Powerful Golf Swing

Having good balance is an absolute necessity for generating a powerful golf swing. If you do not have a strong foundation, then you simply will not have the ability to generate a full turn, and thus, you will lose power in the swing.

How to Choose Your Best Golf Driver

You need the best golf driver to set the best tone for the hole or the round. Being the longest, biggest and most expensive club in your bag, the driver has to be treated with utmost honor and care. This starts with selection.

The Must Know Free Golf Swing Tips

Free golf swing tips are a guide to hit longer, hit straighter and correct slices to golf amateur or golfers who aim big. Some people may take as long as 30 years to hit the target in one stroke, while others may take less. If you want to do it good and really fast, then free golf swing tips will be a good choice. The tips assist you to reduce your golf handicap and drive you to stardom.

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