Beginner Golf Swing – Advice and Tips for The Golf Swing Technique

If you are a beginner, it is important to learn the basics of the golf swing technique. You should learn the correct stance; know the importance of a right grip, the preferred golf clubs to use, the correct weight shift and the swing path. The following paragraphs provide some useful advice and tips for the novice golfers.

Beginners Golf Set – Information on Golf Equipment for Beginners

Choosing the right golf set and golf equipment is an important consideration for golf beginners who have just started playing the great game of golf. Due to the varieties of shots required in the golf game, a professional golfer may use up to fourteen different clubs to maximize his performance. For the beginners, the minimum number of clubs is five. Other equipment includes the golf bag, golf trolley, golf shoes, gloves and golf balls.

Tee Time in Las Vegas

For many, the name of Las Vegas is uniquely associated with casinos and gambling. Of course, this is the first thing that comes in mind when one think about the city. But too often, we tend to forget that there is much more to do in Vegas, and that everything you do in Vegas doesn’t actually have to stay in Vegas, like the picture of your golf tournament for example.

Tips on Buying a Golf GPS

When GPS was first made available, golf was nowhere near the top ten list of the GPS applications. You probably heard of GPS as military and warfare use, cellphone technology, surveyors, map makers and things like that, but GPS for golf? We dont know for certain how it came about but one thing can be said: Golf GPS units is probably the best thing that ever happened to golfers, pro and amateur alike…

The Great Technology Cobra ZL Driver Review

Have you been looking for a reliable Cobra ZL Driver Review? Then you are in the right place! We will try to give you our most honest assessment of this driver to make it useful to you.

Callaway Diablo Edge Driver: The Right Pick

Playing golf looks easy especially when you watch the pros do it. For those who are interested to play golf, most would just go to the store and purchase the equipment they normally see on TV without really knowing what these items are for and how to use it correctly. It would help you if you seek help from an expert when it comes to the items you need to obtain. He might have to assess your grip and other things before he can recommend the right equipment.

A Few Tips to Effective Golf Practice

It doesn’t matter if you play baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, you get a great deal of satisfaction when strike the ball solidly. Making solid contact with the ball is even more important in golf, where the slightest mishit can cause the ball to go anywhere but where you want it to go. As with anything that you want to be good at, consistent ball striking in golf requires practice, practice and more practice.

When to Use a Callaway FT IZ Driver

Whether you are an expert in golf or not, everyone will agree that a driver is one of the most important types of club used in golfing. When you look in the store you will have plenty of choices and one can easily get lost in all the selection. You should always remember that in buying a driver the size, length and material should be considered.

Titleist NXT Tour: Leading the Game

If you are just new to golfing, you may not have heard about Titleist NXT tour balls, but if you are a highly skilled golfer then I’m sure you are very familiar or perhaps you are using this ball in your games. This is because a Titleist NXT ball is targeted to skillful players who want to be ahead of their opponents in the game. This specific ball is designed to give the golfer a soft feel but still providing the distance they need to lead the competition.

The Newest Cleveland Launcher DST Driver

Simply put, the lighter the driver is, the more clubhead speed you can produce resulting to a far hit of the ball. Using this theory, Cleveland designed its newest item, the Cleveland launcher DST driver. It claims to be one of the lightest drivers today at 292 grams because it utilizes Cleveland’s sub 300g technology. With its weight of 292 grams, it is 25 grams lighter than the other popular driver from other trusted manufacturers.

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