Golf Swing Basics and Other Ways to Drop Your Score

Golf is a difficult and demanding sport that takes hours upon hours of practise to master and improve your golf swing basics and score. The reality is that most weekend golfers don’t have the time to spend hours on the practise green and their golf swing basics, yet they still want to see improvement. The best advice is to understand which areas of your golf game you can improve the greatest with the lease amount of work.

Why Start Golf?

Starting to play golf is no small undertaking both in terms of learning the game and buying the equipment. Learning to play golf can be difficult for the beginner.

A Golfer’s Foot Wear

When in a professional golf game, there are no chances for making even a slightest mistake or getting distracted for a second. The result can change the outcome and topple the applecart. This is similar to a boat setting sail from Portsmouth to New York and landing in Mexico resulting out of a slight mistake made in steering off the course.

Practice The Way You Play and Save Shots – Here’s a Practice Routine That Works

How many times has it happened, you warm up on the range and hit shot after shot sweet and pure? Then you step to the first tee with OB on the left, water on the right and fairway bunkers about 225 yards out. You tee your ball up and proceed to slice or hook the ball out-of-bounds or into the water hazard. How can this be? The 60 balls you hit on the range went so straight, for the most part. A lot of this goes back to the way you warmed up on the range and here’s why.

3 Steps To The Best Golf Course You Can Find

One of the main things that golfers consider is the golf course that they wish to play in. Picking the most ideal course can help you use your abilities at the optimum level and save you tons of money.

Lower Your Score With These Golf Swing Tips

Everyone who plays golf wants to improve their game. These tips will help get your score down.

Longer Distance Golf Shots: How You Can Achieve This Impressive Feat

Long and accurate golf drives are beautiful and impressive. So how can you achieve this impressive feat on demand? Below are some proven strategies you can try. Although every golfer adds their own variation to the formula, you can start by learning these standard techniques:

Seven Top Golf Tips to Curing Your Golf Slice

The golf slice is a nuisance to golfers. The ball ends up nowhere near your intended target, thus ultimately raising your golf score.

Golf Instruction Books: Why You Will Continue to Need Them

Being good in golf requires more extensive learning compared to other sports. Everyone can further improve his or her game by learning more about the sport.

Playing Perfect Golf – The Importance of the Golf Swing

For those familiar with the game of golf, they know that it is not only a game of strength but also a game of strategy and timing. This is one of the primary reasons why it appeals to business men in particular and is now earned the reputation of being a rich man’s game.

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