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How to Prevent a Golf Slice

This article centers around the idea of slicing during your golf match. A slice is a shot that will curve from the left to the right (right handed golfer). For the left handed golfer a slice is when the flight of the golf ball moves from the right to the left. There are a couple of different ways to diagnose a slice. In this article we will talk about how to figure out your slice and how to correct it.

Chipping Tips – Get The Right Chipping Tips For An Improved Game

For those who are interested in improving their overall golf game, taking advantage of all of the chipping tips can be found is essential. You will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can though to make sure that the hints and tips are you are accepting are of quality. This does not mean that you can’t let your father or brother talk to you about the chipping tips they have.

Golf Equipment – Proper Putter Length

When you walk around your local sports store, examining the various different types of putter on the market, you may realise that there are lots of different types, sizes and technologies available. However, there are only 3 main types of putter on sale. The standard or conventional model, the belly putter and a long putter. The problem is each of these are very different and are used differently too – so which putter is right for you?

Can A Golf Tee Really Help Your Game?

Low Friction Golf Tees are all the rage. With so many golf gadgets claiming to help your golf game, can a little old tee do the trick? Independent lab test show that tees can actually affect ball spin resulting in extra distance. This could be the best two dollars you ever spend on your golf game.

How to Become a Better Putter

If you watch other golfers around you or on the television play a better game than you, there are usually a few things that stand out that makes them better than all the rest of the players out there. They know that playing the drives is only a small part of the game and that on the green is where the action is and it is also where heroes are made and losers shamed. So if you are trying to become a better golfer, you will need to concentrate on your putting ability first.

Golf Language – It Helps to Know Golf Vocabulary

Like every other sports, the game of golf has it own set of vocabulary and commonly used words. For a novice golfer, it would certainly helps in knowing the language of golf in order to enjoy the game and the company of their fellow golfers.

A Breath of Air Will Help Keep You on the Straight and Narrow

Breathing has helped me to slow down my swing, improved my tempo and in doing so has helped me hit more fairways off the tee. I used to feel quite apprehensive when faced with a difficult tee shot, especially when there was trouble on both sides of the fairway and with apprehension comes tension. This little tip I gleaned from some long forgotten golfing tip transformed the way I swing through the ball.

Choosing the Right Golf Course for Any Skill Level

There are thousands of golf courses ranging in difficulty and price. Here are some tips on choosing the right course for your skill level and budget.

Womens Golf Shoes

An article about womens golf shoes. Tips and advice on choosing golf shoes for women.

Twist and Turn the Other Way! Is This a New Swing Sensation Or Just Plain Daft?

Many golfers will go to great lengths to find a method that will hit the golf ball easier, longer and straighter. They have this unshakable belief that somewhere out there, someone has a secret to a better golf swing. And although you know deep down that all this stuff is gimmicky nonsense, your immense enthusiasm in the theory and improvement of the golf swing overrides all sense of better judgment.

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