Physical And Mental Fitness – Very Important To Become A Good Golfer

What steps should you take to improve your fitness and stamina so that you can play better golf? You should participate in some form of physical exercise. It does not matter whether you opt for kickboxing or plain jogging in the open.

Three Tips to Execute the Perfect Golf Swing

It took a lot of time before pro golfers managed to hook the perfect golf swing. It demanded a lot of patience and time, and of course, physical strain.

Beginner Golf Lessons – Tips on How to Play Golf

Golf is indeed a relaxing sport, but of course, it can also be exciting and a great way to unwind on a weekend. In fact, it can also improve your ability to concentrate and focus. If you are interested to play this game, there are beginner golf lessons that will help guide you which ones are to learn first.

Getting To Know Your Golf Clubs

Golf is a laid back sport that millions of people worldwide participate in. But there is a lot more to it than swinging a stick and hitting a ball. There are four main types of golf clubs, including putters, hybrids, irons, and woods. Each club hits differently. In order to play the game correctly, knowing the clubs is the best way to start.

The Grip to the Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing may be performed successfully with thorough consideration of various aspects. You must be in good condition, armed with good posture, and of course, you must have a good grip on your golf club.

Advice For The Perfect Golf Swing

It is often said that the perfect golf swing does not take a particular method or action. It is generally subjective, seeing as different golfers were able to show different kinds of gripping and swinging, and were able then successfully perform a good, powerful shot, making the golf ball closer to their target.

Golf Instructions – Know How to Play the Golf Game

There are many facets to understand the golf game. The purpose of this article is to provide a very high level understanding of the golf game, how to play golf and golf instruction with a goal to provide you with enough information to make you want to explore the great game of golf further! Golf Origins The golf can be traced as far back to the mid 14th century.

The Physics of Golf – Equation to the Perfect Golf Swing

Playing golf requires graceful movement from the upper half of your body. People may think this is a sport with very limited actions, which is why it is often called a rich person’s sport however it’s anything but.

A Brief History of The Ryder Cup

As we approach the start of the 38th Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor Resort near Newport in Wales, few of the original competitors from the tournaments inception in 1927 could have imagined or predicted that almost 75 years later the tournament would still be going strong. The Ryder Cup is named after the person who donated it to the competition, Samuel Ryder (a seed merchant from Hertfordshire) and the first official match was held at Worcester Golf Club in Massachusetts, USA. Up Until 1971, the matches were between the USA and Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

Obtain the Perfect Golf Swing

Playing golf is not all about hitting golf balls in a desperate attempt to shoot them toward the small holes on the ground. It requires precision, good gripping power, and strategy.

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