2 Tips To Transform Your Golf Swing | Stop Standing Up Drill

Golf Swing Instruction

The golf swing can always be improved, it’s something which you can always be building upon, whether you’re a beginner or not. In this article I just want to give you some really simple yet effective golf swing instruction that you can put into practice very easily for great results.

Middle Ground On The Rules Of Golf

Are the Rules of Golf way beyond sensibility? Should they be changed to include a little common sense? Traditionalists argue about the history and integrity of the game, but maybe a little “tweaking” wouldn’t hurt.

Four Golf Swing Basics You Need to Know

There’s a lot of information out there on the golf swing and it can sometimes be a little difficult to get through. This article provides just four simple golf swing basics that when put into practice can really boost your game!

Golf Tempo – How Important Is Great Tempo in Your Swing?

Before we go any further we first must define what “golf tempo” really is. This is the fluid motion, speed, and rate of your swing as you go back, then through the ball, and finish the swing. The best golf swings have always been those with great tempo and most golfers that play very well you will hear them mention that they had great tempo or timing that day in their swing.

Six Ways You Can Be a Better Golfer the Next Time You Play

Playing good golf takes time and effort. Even if you have a limited amount of time, here are six things you can do that will make you a better golfer, the next time out, that I know you have the time to do.

The Driver Golf Swing – Why Is It Different From All Other Clubs?

In theory, the driver is the largest club in the golf bag, with the largest head, and the longest shaft. It would make sense, then, that it should be the easiest club to hit a golf ball with because it has the largest surface for striking the ball. However, more amateur golfers struggle to hit a golf ball straight and long with the driver than any other clubs. This is because there are differences in the driver golf swing and the swing you use with the rest of your clubs.

What is a Fairway in Golf?

If you are a beginning golfer, it is useful to understand the basic layouts of the golf course. The major components of a typical golf course include the tee box, the golf fairway, rough, fairway and green side sand bunkers, “hazard” areas, and finally the golf putting green that contains a flag stick inserted into the cup. This cup is the target destination for the golf ball on a particular hole.

Take the Slice Out of (Golf) Life – How to Stop Slicing Your Driver

There are three things every golfer must have in order to correct a slice: a closed club face, an inside-to-outside swing path and a sense of humor. This article will address all three.

The Best Golf Courses the USA Has to Offer

Golf is a sport and pastime that is popular the world over, watching any professional game on the Television or in person you’ll see players from all over the world and just like the players there are great golf courses all over the world too. The United States of America is well known for having some truly astounding courses which seems fitting coming from the country that has given us such world famous golfers such as Phil Mickleson, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Below are just three of America’s greatest golf courses that are familiar to golfers as…

Golf Insurance – Never Worry About Stolen Or Broken Golf Clubs Again

The cost of a set of golf clubs has long been considered as quite high compared to the equipment you’d need for any other sport, the cost means that many golfers will take special care of their clubs and make sure that they are stored away securely when they aren’t used and regularly clean them to make sure they last many years. For some golfers though there are situations where you may not have any control over this, your clubs could be stolen or damaged by accidents such as them being bent when in the car boot or water…

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