3 biggest driver mistakes golfers make (easy, simple fix)

Use Golf Short Game Practice to Lower Your Scores Fast

If you are serious about golf, and want to improve your scores fast, implement golf short game practice into your routine and watch your scores start dropping almost immediately. There is no doubt that improving short game play is the best way to lower your scores.

McDowell Wins US Open With Steady Play

Graeme McDowell is the 2010 US Open champion. Steady and solid golf leads to his victory.

How to Stay in the Present Mind, Control Anger, Nerves & Emotions in Golf

Staying in the present mind for golf is imperative if you are want to play your best golf on a consistent basis. What would it be like to remain calm and confident even in the face of defeat and come back to win because you stayed focussed, controlled your emotions and played great golf?

How to Find the Best Golf Clubs For You

The clubs in my golf bag used to consist of a driver, irons (4-10), a sand wedge and a putter. The one club that I was missing was a fairway wood. The dilemma I always had was whether to carry a fairway wood or not.

“Golf” Shooting in the 70s, Golf Tips IV – “Hitting Long Golf Drives”

Golf tips on how to crush the golf ball off the tee. Instruction on how to position yourself for better balance. And some mental tips to keep focused.

Comfortable Shoes For the Game

One of the important things that makes golf more comfortable and worth playing for the player is the type of shoes he or she is wearing. The main determinant of a shoes comfort is the golf shoe insole. These improve the swinging of the player to have the feet responding properly during the swing. Some of the things that you should consider when buying the shoes include the the front foot and centerline thickness.

Facts About Golf Shoes Inserts and Insoles

Golf players should ensure that they wear the proper golf shoes as this is important for the health of their feet. They should not only have a proper fit but also comfortable for their feet. Those who put on golf shoes inserts or insoles in their normal shoes should also ensure that they have these in their golf shoes to ensure that the feet correspond properly to provide the maximum swing.

Get a Better Swing With Golf Inserts

Whenever you are playing any game you need comfortable gear so that you can have fun and be protected at the same time. When you are golfing you need golf shoe inserts to ensure that you have all the support you need to play the game well. This is additional material that is better placed on your foot ware to make sure you get to enjoy your game. You can find these in many shops where you can choose the one that you prefer the most.

Don’t Settle For Golf Club Clones – Insist on the Real Thing

There are one too many reasons why you shouldn’t even consider purchasing golf club clones. And the two main reasons are, of course, quality and performance.

Cheap Golf Club Set a Better Deal For Beginners

Whether you are new to the game of golf or have just become interested in the sport, it may be financially more responsible if you look into buying yourself a cheap golf club set just in case you lose interest in the game. Many times a big brand name can break the budget of a new golfer only just to find they truly stick at the game. And thus, the bag containing metal sticks worth several hundreds of dollars sit in the far end of a garage collecting dust, with little hope of recovering their investment.

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