3 things that KILL your golf game (EASY TO FIX)

3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Round

There are a whole host of things that you can do to reduce your scores and improve your performance on the golf course. In this article I am going to suggest three simple ideas, which if you put into action will help you on your way to better golf.

The Power of Focus: The Student Driver Syndrome

The ability to focus on a specific target is crucial for golfers at every skill level. The majority of high-handicap golfers focus on where they don’t want to go. This is analogous to a student driver who is (understandably) consumed by fear, and deals with this emotion by slowing down. The golfer who tries to consciously control their swing by concentrating on perfect technique is similar to our student driver. Both are victims of fear. The key to overcoming fear is the ability to focus on a specific target. The smaller the target, the more you concentrate and automatically block out visions of potential hazards. Learning how to focus is a habit that can be developed by golfers at every skill level. You may not have the physical ability that comes with hours of practice, but every golfer can develop the ability to focus. Awareness is the key.

Can A Parking Space Help You Play Better?

Amateur golfers are continually advised to slow down their swing. Easy to say – hard to do. Speed is created by tension and (surprise, surprise) tension induces you to swing faster. Trying to consciously swing slower automatically creates more tension. It’s an endless loop. Your walking pace has a direct effect on your mind and body. The first step in developing a consistent swing, is finding your ideal walking speed. This article offers a guideline on how you can use a parking space to establish the optimum walking pace before you get to the first tee.

What and/or How Should You Practice?

With all of the various tips and techniques concerning how to play better golf, it appears that so many people are mixed up on the best way to make improvements to their golf game. With so much information available, many people are confused about exactly how and/or what to practice, and why practice is importance.

Learning To Improve Golf Short Game Skills

Golf can be a frustrating game to learn and master. Find out some effective tips to help you to master the short game and reduce your handicap faster.

Golfing Rituals and Superstitions

The build up to the first major of the year is at a fever pitch and it’s the majors that mean the most to the players. Ultimately at the end of a player’s career they are judged by how many major wins they accumulated.

Your Head Can Move in 10 Different Directions During Your Golf Swing and Eight Movements Are Faulty

Teaching Pro Jack Grout said that young Jack Nicklaus at age 10 had a “bobbing head.” It is possible for golfers to “bob” or move their heads in as many as 10 different ways during a full golf swing. Grout corrected Nicklaus’ head movement by grabbing Jack tightly by his curly hair and having Jack hit balls for three hours until he cried. Jack got the message and he was able to keep what he called a “rock, solid head” with no movement throughout most of his swing. Here are those faulty head movements and how you can correct them.

Build a Wedge System for Consistent Pitching

Many pro’s carry three wedges in their bag, and have what is called a wedge system to cover anything from 50 – 110 yards. A lot of players may have started playing pitch and putt before playing golf, but then may neglect pitching or pitching practice when playing golf. The ability to pitch well, know and control your distances and to do this consistently takes practice.

Why Do My Approach Shots To The Green Miss To The Right?

In the event you happen to be like other golfers, you have a tendency to miss the greens off to the right. This is happening with your short to middle irons on approach shots to the green. Your approach shots continues to go weak and to the right way. It’s likely you have attempted many different methods to correct this problem. Nevertheless, you still can’t manage to understand why.

Extreme Golf

How going EXTREME can transform your golf. Get out of your comfort zone to revolutionize your game.

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