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6 Simple Tips – How to Get That Natural Golf Swing

Here are 6 simple tips that will lead you to get that natural swing everyone in the field has been talking about. It’s time to work on your natural golf swing.

The Top 5 Driver Mistakes to Avoid to Hit With More Distance

If you want to hit a long drive every time, then you need to avoid the basic mistakes that drain power from your swing and cause you to hit it shorter and off line. Which of these 5 mistakes do you make?

Time to Fix Your Golf Slice

This article provides golfers with a proven 4-step formula for fixing a golf slice. It is a formula that has been used to help thousands of golfers get rid of the dreaded slice.

How to Correctly Read Greens – Part 1 of 3 – Secrets to Sinking More Putts Per Round

Learning how to correctly read greens is a skill that can be learned easily and can be one of the single most important factors to shooting lower scores. Want to break 90, 80, or 70 for the first time? Then these 3 secrets to reading greens are vitally important.

How to Correctly Read Greens – Part 2 – 3 Secrets to Making More 10 Footers

Learning how to correctly read greens will have you sinking more 10 footers. Sinking more of these length putts will give you more birdies and hard-fought pars per round, and dramatically lower your scores. Here are 3 secrets to take to heart if you want to break through your scoring barrier.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Golf Score by 5 Shots Next Round

You can drop your scores dramatically by just approaching situations in your round slightly different. Here’s the top 10 ways you can lower your score by 5 shots next round without thinking too much at all…

Golf Shaft Fitting Guide – Shaft Profiles Part I

The role of golf shaft fitting has always been a profound one. The golf shaft and club head are in need of constant communication and feedback for the relationship to flourish. When communication breaks down, intervention is needed.

How Do I Stop Flubbing and Skulling My Chip Shots? 3 Tips to Hit Soft Landing Golf Chips That Spin

How do I stop flubbing and skulling chip shots around the green, you ask? Sick of having that simple shot at par or birdie only to walk away with double or triple? Of course you are. Let’s discuss the cause of mis-hit chips and how to fix the problem with 3 simple tips.

All it Takes is One Bad Round!

It is amazing how a single bad round can take everything out. If you take that single round out, Rory McIlroy would be walking out of this year’s Open Championships as the winner. McIlroy said that he couldn’t not think about Friday when he was going to the last hole.

A Newer and Dominant British Open Champion is Crowned!

One of the most historic nights in South African sports history came when Louis Oosthuizen won the Open Championships on Sunday at the St. Andrews stadium. But the celebration was certainly a bit different.

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