A Round With Radar – Episode Ten: Victor Perez

Optimize Your Golf Bag

When we go out on the Golf Course it is essential to have every advantage we can get. Many of us wonder what can we do that is inexpensive to improve our game. I have compiled a few things you can do and also some thing you can look for to help improve you.

How to Fix Your Golf Slice – Part 1

The vast majority of golfers slice the golf ball, and as a result, find it difficult to improve. This article is the first in a series on how to get rid of the golf slice.

Cart Golf Bag or Stand Bag How To Chose

In this article, I am going to explain the different types of golf bags. This will give you some idea of the type of bag to buy when you are starting out in golf.

Fantastic Places to Play Golf in Florida – Part 1

Florida is one of the favorite destinations in the United States for many golf enthusiasts. It has many different golf courses situated in highly-developed locations. If you are planning to play golf in Florida yet anxious about the experience it will provide you, here are delightful golf clubs serving experience-worthy golf courses.

Taylormade RBZ Golf Bag: Is It Worth The Money?

This review of the Taylormade RBZ bag will tell you exactly what you need to know to make and educated buying decision. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Everything There Is to Know About Custom Golf Balls

For those of us that love the game of golf, you can never own enough golf balls. Those pristine, rock-hard orbs that, no matter how good you get, sometimes have a tendency to vanish into lakes, woods, and, in the worst of times, backyards adjacent to the course. Make sure to apologize for that shot, especially the dent in the siding. Now, what if I told you that you could use golf balls with the exact pattern on them that you want? That you can use golf balls to advertise your business, brand or company?

Ben Hogan – Waggle the Golf Club Before You Make Your Golf Swing

Should you waggle the golf club before making a golf swing? The answer is yes and the reason for doing so is given in the article.

A Short Golf Lesson on How to Waggle a Golf Club

This article gives a short lesson on how to waggle a golf club. The waggle should be part of your pre-shot routine and is an important part of preparing yourself to swing a golf club.

Golf Lessons Online – The Benefits of Visual Learning

Golf lessons online can be useful if you want to improve your skills. This can be more beneficial than hiring a professional coach. Check out this article to know why you must go for golf instructional videos.

The Simple Golf Swing Beginner’s Guide

Golf is far from being simple! Why not find a simple golf swing for you. Golf is independently one of the toughest games that requires motivation, commitment, discipline and above all heart to achieve a self sustainable goal and have that simple golf swing. The drive comes from within and the sure grit comes with daily inspiration. Golf is inspiring in itself. The fact that many people see the game as completely boring from a T.V. perspective, are the same people that feel exhilarated when they hit that first great shot. In return, golf takes a new chapter in their life and they are hooked life a “fish out of water”. Well a “fish out water” is usually not a very pleasant site nor is a newbie with an ill-advised golf swing. The only thing left to do is create a golf swing that is a simple golf swing that will work for you.

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