An Easy Way To Create A Shallow Golf Swing

What Is a Great Alternative for Chipping Putters?

When using a chipping putter there is an extremely easy way to learn how to chip a golf ball correctly. You don’t have to use a putter, instead consider using a different iron, the number 5,7, and 9 irons make excellent substitutes. When you are facing a long shot try the number 5 iron, the number 7 iron will work best for a medium range shot and then use the number 9 for any short chip shots.

Putting Aids – YOU CAN Roll the Ball Like Phil, Tiger, Jack & Dave

It’s not impossible! You can use the right putting aids to learn how to putt like Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Dave Pelz. Putting trainer tools help to build a consistency into you putting stroke that is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve without these tools or a coach constantly monitoring you.

Five Tune-Up Tips For Your Golf Swing

These five tips are little differences that will make a big difference literally overnight in the way you swing a golf club. One hour of practice is all you need to install them in your swing. They will give you a feeling of confidence, control, and ease, three characteristics of good golf.

Sonocaddie V100 Review

Take a look at the Sonocaddie V100, if you’re looking for a golf GPS that’s not going to break the bank, but which will give you the information you need. The Sonocaddie V100 might look like a budget golf GPS, but it’s really not. Alright, alright! It doesn’t have the fancy graphics of a Callaway uPro or a Garmin Approach. But it still probably has all the technology you need, if you don’t need to actually “see” the course ahead of you as you play.

Easy and Accurate Golf Swing – Getting That Pesky Ball to Go Where You Want It To

The best players in the world can control their golf ball where they want it to go. The hardest thing to do is to hit a perfectly straight ball. This is why the professionals make the ball fade or draw at will.

3 Golf Swing Instruction Drills – To Simplify & Improve Your Golf Swing

What’s worse having a bad golf swing or having poor golf swing instruction? The answer both! In this article you will learn 3 golf swing instruction drills that will at the end not leave you feeling confused or frustrated about how to hit the golf ball further, straighter and more accurate. Golf is a simple game learn the secrets to making it simple and easy!

The Perfect Golf Swing – Is It A Myth Or A Reality?

If your looking for the perfect golf swing you may be looking for a very long time! In this article I will explain why I feel this is a myth and what the reality is that you can achieve the proper golf swing to reach your golfing goals!

How To Play Lag Putts And Avoid 3 Putting!

In some peoples eyes the term lag putt means that you are thinking negatively and ruling out any possible chance of holing the putt in hand. My view on lag putting is that you are still giving the ball a great opportunity of finding the bottom of the hole, but that you are also trying to ensure that you avoid 3 putting by leaving yourself within a comfortable distance from the hole if you should miss.

A Simple Golf Putting Routine Makes All The Difference!

Improving your golf putting performance is the quickest way to lowering your golf handicap! Find out why something as simple as a golf putting routine can make all the difference to your putting performance.

What Is The Best Golf Grip To Use? Tips That Make Gripping Easier

What is the criteria of a good golf swing? How do you know which are the golf grips are most suitable for you? Read on to find out more on the best characteristics of winning golf grips.

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