PING G20 Irons’ 3 Game Changing Features

PING irons are well known for their superior game improving technology. The G20 irons feature the new CFS steel shaft and functional distance gapping.

Laser Rangefinder or GPS Unit? Which One Should You Buy?

Should you purchase a GPS unit or a Laser Rangefinder. Which unit is better and more suited to your game? Which is more likely to help you reduce your scores? This question has been posed for as long as technology has made it possible to get accurate distances to key points on a golf course. The following article provides useful information to address this question.

3 Reasons Why Golfers Use PING Irons Religiously

PING irons are well known for their advanced and golf game improving technology. Their irons are designed to match any skill level, from beginner to pro. Discover how these clubs vary in launch, spin, consistency and forgiveness.

How To Choose The Right Golf Club To Hit For Those Tricky Distances

How would you like to have a strategy which gets the right club in your hand virtually all the time, allows you to put some good course management into play for every shot and then gets your mind programmed to play the shot with complete confidence? In this article I will share with you some powerful strategies for your game which will really reap rewards for you going forward.

How to Improve Golf to Easily Achieve a High Success Rate

Improving golf is necessary for an individual to reach high levels in the game. Understanding the basics is the main factor to achieve targets and win game. Apart from this, it is necessary to look at the weaknesses to address the same through intensive practice.

On Maintaining Your Electric Golf Trolley

Today, electric golf trolleys are no more items of luxury. They have become an integral part of life for golf enthusiasts, especially ladies and older players who find the use of electric trolleys much easier than the ordinary trolleys.

A Guide To Buying Golf Equipment Online

You may think it’s unconventional purchasing golf equipment over the internet, but this is how millions of golfers are obtaining their equipment. More and more shops are popping up online and they will not be going away anytime soon. The benefit of going online for golf equipment suppliers is that they can reach out to a global audience, but there are also many benefits for consumers too!

Butch Harmon: Club Professional, Tour Professional and A Superb Coach

Born in the year 1943, Claude Butch Harmon, Jr. is a reputed golf instructor and ex-professional player. His presence in the golf industry started in the year 1965 and trained well noted players and tour players across the country.

Golf Lessons For Beginners – Learning Golf Effectively

Need some tips on how to start your golf training? Well, here they are!

How To Get Out Of Bunkers And On The Green In One Swing

For most mid to high handicap golfers, watching their ball disappear into a bunker fills them with dread because the sand trap is not a place they are used to getting out of with ease. In fact, escaping the sandy hazard can be done consistently by any level golfer if you follow a few simple rules. How would you feel if you had complete confidence in your ability to get out of bunkers in one shot?

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