Are THESE Irons The Future Of Golf????

A Simple Tip For Improved Putting

Let’s start with a cliche. You know, drive for show, putt for dough. We’ve all heard it and if you golf regularly enough, you know just how true it is. You can send that pretty drive screaming down the middle of the fairway, drop your approach shot onto the center of the green and it won’t mean a thing when you step up and three putt.

Stay Dry on the Golf Course

Since golf is an outside game, the weather should always be taken into consideration. The rainy day is something that golfers don’t want to think about, let alone prepare for. We know that playing in wet and cold conditions is something that really challenges you both mentally and physically. When you are wet and / or cold your concentration is the first thing that starts to slip.

Be Prepared For Bad Weather Golfing

Nothing can ruin a good round of golf as quickly as rain if you are not prepared for it. Once you get wet, your concentration begins to fade and your shots start to go astray. You can’t get a good grip on your clubs and you are just uncomfortable in general.

Ernie Els Golf Swing – His Secret Weapon He Uses to Win Tournaments

If you watch a lot of golf, then the name Ernie Els undoubtedly means something to you. For most of us, we associate Ernie Els with winning tournaments and staying in contention at the least. But how does he do it? What’s his secret, so to speak? The truth is that there is no secret. His success is fully a product of his rock solid swing.

Safety Tips For Golfers – 5 Common Sense Tips For Golf Safety

Golf is one of the safest sports, however injury can happen when common sense is not used. Common sense should always be used whether your an adult or a child. As adult golfers, it’s our responsibility to remind others when Golf is one of the “safest sports” however injury can happen when common sense is not used.carelessness happens on the course.

2 Drills to Improve Your Golf Swing Quickly

One the most important things to do when learning how to complete the golf swing or trying to improve your golf swing is to constantly practice. The great thing is with these drills you do not need to go down the golf course or driving range to practice.

Make the Smart Shot For a Better Golf Score

Sometimes, you have to let go of your ego, frustration or anything else that leads to bad shot-making decisions. Make the smart play and your score will thank you.

Correct Golf Slice

One term used very frequently in golf, especially by beginners, is the word slice, which describes one of the many ways for making contact with the golf ball. At contact, if the angle is wrong, the impact off the club will not be solid and the ball will move either right or left of where you originally wanted to hit it.

Golf Birthday Gifts – Finding the Right Present For the Golfer

Are you looking for a gift for your golfer dad, brother, sister or friend? Know nothing about golf and what sports equipment a golfer could possibly want or need?

Remember Your Golf Swing Fundamentals Before Your Put Your Golf Game at Stake

When it comes to sports or any other skills that needs mastery, we have a tendency to over complicate things than we really need to. This is no different when it comes to golf swing, since it’s one of the most important aspects of the game, we tend to over analyze every approach and every swing we take and that can sometimes leave us further away from the perfect golf swing.

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