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Tips for a First Time Golfer Playing With Other Experienced Golfers

Every golfer starts out as a beginner, so try to relax when you play with experienced golfers. Most people who enjoy the game of golf will appreciate the fact that you are just getting started, and they may even offer you some tips they’ve learned over the years. Before you go out on the course for the day, remember that as a beginner, you start out with the same score as those who have more experience.

Golf Game – Simple Basics For Beginners

Golf is somewhat considered a sport of the wealthy. And yes, there is quite a ring of nobility to it. But with the right practice and right equipment, everyone can learn how to play golf. But before you do, you might want to learn a few basic things about the game of golf first.

How To Improve Your Golf Swing – Because Golf Is More Relaxing When You’re Good!

Golf is a lot more fun when you are playing well. Here are some important thoughts on improving your golf game!

Why Should You Play Golf?

Golf is such an exciting game to play. You get exercise plus you get to meet lots of new people, make friends but also you discover who you are and what your personality is really like.

The Dana Rader Golf School Is Great for All Golfers

Charlotte, North Carolina harbours the Dana Rader golf school, which is one of the schools for learning the game that has been acknowledged to be superior to many others by the Golf Magazine, and it has won accolades for its well-presented programs which are fast and easy. In this article, we would be aiming to look at a comprehensive list of things that we like and dislike about the school, and if it is value for your money or not. Dana is one of the most popular female golfers of her time, and she has developed a style which has…

Golf Laser Rangefinder and Its Benefit to Your Game

The golf laser rangefinder is a device that is used to measure distance between two objects or two points with the help of a laser beam. It is used primarily in military, modeling and in sports.

Simple Golf Swing Review: Pros And Cons At A Look

If you are thinking of perfecting your golf swing, then there are quite a few books in the market which talks about the art and the way you can make it perfect. Among them, one of the better books is definitely The Simple Golf Swing, and here is a take on the book. We will be looking at the features of the book, how it helps, and if it is useful or not.

Cure Your Golf Slice With the Split Hand Technique

The dreaded golf slice can rear its ugly face for even some of the most experienced of golfers. A slice at an inopportune time can derail a nice round quicker than you can yell “Fore!” The good news is, there is a simple drill you can practice that can help eliminate that nasty slice. It’s called the “Split Hand Drill”, and we’ll walk you through how to perform it and why it works.

History of Golf

How and where the history of golf originated is for the most part unknown and continues to be the subject of much debate. Although, for the most part it is widely understood that the Scots during the middle ages where largely responsible for creating the game of golf we play today, a claim that has undergone substantial scrutiny and numerous challenges over many centuries. There are several forerunners to the history of golf dating back as far as early 1297 to the Netherlands, leaving the Dutch to appear to have the closest ties to the origin of golf….

Top Three Golf Swing Set-Up Tips

Learn key golf swing set-up basics necessary to advance your game to the next level. These set-up basic building blocks are essential in developing a powerful and repeating golf swing.

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