Birdie Ball Putting Green Review

The Top 7 Golf Gifts For Women

Whether it’s for Christmas or a loved one’s birthday, finding perfect golf gifts for women is harder than it seems. Luckily, there are plenty of resources at your local golfing club or even on the internet that can help you find the best present. Main Equipment Standard golfing equipment top the list of any person’s golf gifts for women.

A Few Good Suggestions For Golf Gifts For Women

Golf gifts for women are lately becoming popular items during the holidays. However, choosing the right one for the special golf loving lady isn’t always easy. Here are some lists that you may find useful in deciding what to buy her.

Best 8 Golf Gifts For Women

As golf gifts for women are becoming so popular, it is hard to find truly unique gifts that could help that special lady stay ahead of other golf loving women. In this instance, personalization is the main key to making things pop. Here’s a list of a number of golf gifts for women that can be personalized or are not often bought.

Golf Rules – Are You Breaking Them?

Ever been on the course and wondered if you were playing golf by the actual rules? I know I have. Here’s a list of the 10 most broken rules of golf.

The 5 Golf Courses of Walt Disney World to Suit Every Golfer

There are so many things to do at Walt Disney World, and if you’re a golfer you can add one more thing to the list. They have four outstanding golf courses, of which three are on the PGA tour, plus a par 36 practice course. All are open to the general public, and if you are a resort guest there are some amenities you can take advantage of. Here is a breakdown of all five…

Golf: Why the Auto Kaddy Electric Golf Trolley With 36 Hole Lithium Battery Is a Great Purchase

Electric Golf Trolleys are becoming more popular every year. We take a closer look at a popular trolley: Auto Kaddy Electric Golf Trolley with 36 Hole Lithium Battery.

Golf Batteries: Why You Should Consider Leoch Golf Batteries for Your Next Purchase

Leoch have been making batteries for a long time and are especially well known in the golfing world. We take a look at Leoch Golf Batteries, powering electric golf trolleys around the courses.

Hybrid Golf Clubs Should Be In Your Bag

Hybrid golf clubs will help you improve your golf game. They became popular when golfers realized they could be used in place of traditional long irons which are difficult to hit. These days nearly every golfer, including the top pros, carries at least one hybrid club.

Create a Smooth Swing With the Driver Instead of Hitting at the Ball

We all have gone through the experience of taking a nice, smooth swing as we address the ball, then we step up to the ball and the swing immediately falls apart. Why is it that once we put an object (a golf ball) in front of us it causes such a vast difference our swing basics? The reason for most of us is that when the golf ball is the target, we hit at the target without any regard for all of those swing keys we taught ourselves at ball address.

Understanding Stableford Scoring for Golfers

Did you know that the Stableford Scoring System used by golfers all over the world was the invention of Dr. Frank Stableford. Learn here how the scoring system works in today’ competitions.

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