Can You Spin a Groove-less Wedge? | Plus Correct Technique For Maximum Backspin!

Tiger Woods in the Spotlight

I read an article named, “Shame and Fortune” today! It made my heart sad to think that we can throw away our heroes so quickly! In a world where we do not allow parents to discipline their children in public, remove all implications of a God from government and give condoms to 11 year olds without the permission of parents, why would we be so naive as to think that anyone is above reproach?

Stepping Into Greatness With Ecco Golf Shoes

The Ecco brand is an authority in the world of golf shoes, the company boasts of many kinds, shapes and sizes of golf footwear in its gallery. It is no longer a hidden fact that the kind of shoe you put on for your game of golf plays a huge role in how good a game you will have. Golf as you may know is one of the many sports where the kind of sports apparel that you use or put on determines to a large extent the outcome of the game.

Golf Shoes – How to Effectively Choose a Good One

There is no doubt about the fact that golf shoes play a very important role in a golfer’s overall golf game play, therefore, while trying to purchase one, it is very important that you know how to choose a good one. Of course, for a golf shoe to play its vital role in a golfer’s game it has to be a very good one otherwise instead of bringing out the best in the golfer, it would rather make him to perform below his capabilities.

Master the Art of Putting in Golf and Lower Your Handicap

Practicing golf is so much less interesting than playing a round, isn’t it? Well you probably already know this, but you need to put in the time if you want to improve your game – especially if you have just started learning golf. Out of all the things you can practice – Putting is probably the most overlooked. Driving, pitching, chipping and iron play are all important, but how many drives do you hit in a round?

The History Behind Crazy Golf

The majority of UK coastal towns have them, but do you know the history of the crazy golf course and when did it become possible to try and get a golf ball through a turning windmill, over a slope and across a bridge to score points. This article provides a short history of the sport we lovingly call ‘crazy golf’.

Golf Swing Drill – Clap Your Hands For Better Swing Timing For Duffers

Ever have one of those days? You know the ones where your golf swing seems like it stayed at home. Your timing is completely off. Discover a quick and easy drill that will improve both your swing timing and help you consistently square the clubface. Got a few minutes to learn?

Learn How to Swing a Golf Club Today!

My 5 Top Tips to Learn How To Swing A Golf Club Today! Based on many experience, mine and other peoples, I have narrowed down exactly what you need to work on to Learn How To Swing A Golf Club Quickly and Easily.

Golf Swing Tips – Five Tips For Getting Your Swing in Sync For Duffers

Discovered: Keeping your swing in sync will produce solid shots every time. Is your game erratic? An occasional good shot surrounded by something embarrassing like chunks, slices, pulls or worse. Consistent shot making is the key playing great golf. Uncover these simple tips to help you get your swing in sync today.

Confident Putting on the Greens

Having worked with golfers for over 20 years on their putting games I have seen many different trends, theories and styles come and go over the years. However one theory that has stood the test of time is the belief that golfers need to feel confident on the greens.

Stop Looking For Golf Swing Instructions – Try This Instead

Are you looking for golf swing instructions? Maybe you’ve spent countless dollars on coaches and swing aids? Well your search ends here, try an online golf instruction course and really see your scores drop.

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