Cut Strokes From Your Golf Game

Golf is a game that where we are constantly wanting to improve, regardless of our handicap. Many of us deal with an inconsistent game. Some days we hit the course and play the game of our life, while others we fell like we have played army golf… “left, right, left right”. Here are a couple of things you can put into your game that will help you shave a few strokes from your score.

Beginner Golf Swing Tips – Why a Simple Golf Swing is the Best Method For Fast Improvement

If you have just started playing golf, then I bet you have been researching beginner golf swing tips, or something of that nature. I also bet that you feel overwhelmed, and you have no idea where you should start. I understand where you are, and I have given lessons to beginners all the way up to advanced players. Here I want to show you why keeping your golf swing simple is the best way to go, and how you can play great golf this way!

Golf Swing Fundamentals – 3 Key Swing Thoughts to Improving Your Golf Swing Fast!

Golf swing fundamentals are an essential part of any solid golf swing. The looks of golf swings differ, but almost all good golf swings have a few things in common. Here I am going to share with you 3 swing fundamentals that you can start using today to play better golf and shoot lower scores.

Why Off-the-Rack Putters Can Limit Your Putting Success

Off-the-Rack putters are mass produced and therefore can not offer many choices. This lack of choices prevents most golfers from ever reaching their true putting potential because it forces them to “fit their putter”. It is highly desirable for the golfer’s putter to “fit them”.

How to Get a GOLF Scholarship and PLAY in College – Part 10

I am going to take a break from the rankings and schedules to discuss your Resume. The resume is an ongoing process and it will include the results from your tournaments. So, it seemed like a good time to get you started on this.

The Disc Golf Rules – Where the Game Begins

The idea of the disc golf game and the subsequent Disc golf rules is gaining momentum, especially, among players who engage in the sport for purely recreational pursuits. The basic tenet about the game is to throw the disc making sure to have the lowest score to win, sounds ironical? But, yes, every time the disc is driven away with your hands you earn a point, when you get a penalty, a point is also earned. So basically, without cheating, you must make sure that no penalty is earned to have the lowest score to win the game. The basic rules of the disc golf game are easy to grasp and if you get down to it, you will begin enjoying the game in no time at all.

Learning How to Fix a Slice

One of the greatest challenges that many golfers undergo especially the upcoming ones is learning how to fix a slice. To be able to make either left to right or right to left curve tends to pose a great dilemma to many golfers particularly those who play the game for recreation. To be able to produce an inclination of the spin-axis of the golf ball to the left or to the right requires that an individual golfer learn some important tips for achieving the best slice in golf.

You’ll Never Develop Your Best Golf Swing Without Golf Fitness Training

When it comes to your best golf swing, consistency should be the most important goal, since it will ultimately be the key to your level of participation, personal satisfaction and overall enjoyment of the game of golf. But, all too often, as golfers, we tend to overlook or at the very least, procrastinate on a crucial part of our golf training and development. Among the most important of golf tips is that physical fitness is essential, not only for golf and other sports activities, but is fundamental to just about everything else we do in life.

How to Putt With the Reverse Overlap Putting Grip

Learning how to putt starts with a grip that is fundamentally sound and one that feels natural for you. If you are experiencing problems with your putting game then a grip change maybe what you need.

A Golf Putting Drill That Will Help You With the Correct Length of Your Stroke

If you are experiencing a problem with controlling the distance with your putts, I have an excellent golf putting drill for you to try that may correct the problem. To begin with you need to understand that the proper way to control the distance of your putts is with the length of your putting stroke. So often the average golfer will take a short back swing and then apply a lot of force quickly to gain the momentum and speed he or she is trying to achieve. This is exactly what not to do and you will never be able to consistently get the correct distance on your putts.

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