COBRA GOLF – taking a HUGE risk with these clubs?

Playing Out Of Your Mind: Mental Roadblocks to Your Natural Ability

Despite quantum advances in equipment technology and unlimited sources of free on-line instruction, the majority of golfers rarely break 90 consistently. In this series, you will see how some common misconceptions are the real culprits in this astounding lack of progress over the past thirty years. Today we uncover the myth underlying the notion of practice and how this belief actually suppresses your natural ability.

In 20 Years Will Golf Look Back at Today’s Decline in Participation As the “Good Old Days”

TaylorMade’s CEO Mark King addressed a few hundred attendees at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. The underlying message was that the golf game lacks innovation and that is the predominant reason why 5-million players are gone from the industry in slightly more than a decade and 57% of people polled have a negative attitude towards the sport.

Just How Much Pressure Should Be Applied in the Golf Grip?

There seems to be quite a lot of discussion on how much pressure should be applied in the golf grip. It does get difficult to teach it, particularly because we are trying to convey a “feel”, and what may feel right for one golfer may not work for another. Generally we can say that most mid to high handicap golfers apply too much pressure to the grip.

The Different Personality Types of Golfers

What type of personality do you bring to the golf course? If you think you’re way around the course, or if you bring a lot of emotion to your game will bring advantages and disadvantages as to how you play, and perhaps more importantly how you manage the course. This is determined primarily by your personality type, but if you are finding that your personality is negatively impacting your game, there are ways to make adjustments on the personality you bring to the game.

Top Considerations for Buying a Golf Cart

All golfing enthusiasts know that playing the sport requires having the essential gears. From the golf balls to the clubs to the shoes and gloves, you need to have the perfect set to up your game and enjoy every moment of it. The same is true when you are planning to purchase a golf cart that you can use for transport on (and even off!) the course.

Practical Ways to Maintain an Electric Golf Cart

If you own a golf cart for personal or other uses, you need to maintain it to keep its optimum performance and to prolong its useful life. Keeping this vehicle well-maintained can help to make you save on the cost of batteries and and other expensive parts.

Practical Tips for Choosing a Golf Cart Parts Supplier

If you own one or more golf carts, you’ll probably want to replace some of its parts sooner or later. One of the best things to avoid getting stuck at the most inconvenient time is to know where to find a golf cart supplier that can easily deliver what you want.

How to Buy a Second Hand Golf Cart

Buying a second hand golf cart really doesn’t have to be complicated. Equipped with the right amount of knowledge, choosing the right cart will be really easy or you.

Golf Consistent Striking

Golf consistent striking. The most important aspect to golf ball striking with consistency – whether you are using a long iron, a short iron, or a mid iron is a perfect set up. The basic principle for any sport is how one is ready to compete. If the fundamentals are not right then nothing will be right.

Fundamental Golfing Ideas for Newcomers Learning the Game

Even though it is s­imple to find golf ­instruction hints for newcomers on search engin­es like Go­ogle, most cont­ent and e­books igno­re seve­ral a­spects which ­are essenti­al f­or be­ginn­ing golfers. Here ­are som­e fro­m the less known golf hints for b­egi­nni­ng golfers.

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