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5 Things Every Golf Bag Needs

Believe it or not, golfing is an outdoor game. Once you are out on the golf course it is difficult to run and grab anything that you might need.

Golf Towel – Useful Accessory and Terrific Gift

A golf towel is a very useful accessory and makes a terrific gift. Most golfers have more than one. In fact, it would be difficult to finish a game without using one.

Ladies Golf Driving

Even though lady golfers are not as strong as men, they can still drive the golf ball a fair distance if they know how. The trick is being able to transfer the power of your larger muscles like the legs, back and torso into your golf swing. Let’s have a look at the steps that make this possible:

Golf Swing Tips – Overcome Common Problems With Simple Tricks

Regardless of whether you golf several times a year, weekly, or are on the PGA tour, we all end up in the rough from time to time. Understanding how longer grass affects the golf ball and knowing strategies to dislodging it is the key to beating the rough.

Made to Measure – Precise Club Distances Are Everything in Golf!

Golf is a game of precision. We take a look at the available tools technology has afforded to golfers these days to help them make sense of exact distances. All these in the hope of lowering scores!

Etiquette at the Bunker

Like anywhere else on the golf course, or in the golf club, there is etiquette that needs to be complied with if you are unfortunate enough to have had your ball find its way in to a bunker or sand trap. Do not over evaluate the situation (approach shot) or waste much needed play time.

Driving For Junior Golfers

The younger a person begins the game of golf the better they will play, right? Actually, that’s not the case. As junior golfers grow, a lot of things are going to change.

What is the Easiest Golf Swing to Learn?

It has never been easier to become a great golfer now that there is an astounding instruction product that is without a doubt the easiest golf swing to learn. It doesn’t require great athletic abilities or strength. It doesn’t require hours and hours of unending practice…

Psychology in Golf – The Pre Shot Routine

A pre shot routine is primarily used to relax you, and focus your mind to the task at hand. It incorporates relaxation techniques and visualisation methods in order to achieve this goal. Successful use of the pre shot routine will result in improved shots and a far more fulfilling round of golf.

Golf Swing Speed – Superior Strength and Conditioning For Golf in One Exercise!

Are you a golfer looking for the best way to improve your golf swing speed? If so then permit yourself a minute to read about the best golf swing speed exercise you can do for your game right here!

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