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The Purpose of a Lift Kit for a Golf Cart

There are several different reasons why a person would choose to purchase a lift kit for their golf cart. Golf cart lift kits will dramatically change the appearance of your golf cart and can give you the option to give your cart a more personalized look. A lift kit can offer better ground clearance, better pulling traction, and even added strength and suspension to your golf cart.

5 Simple Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

We golfers are always looking for ways to improve our game. We’ll do just about anything to shave a stoke or two off our scores. It’s an obsession…

Pebble Beach Golf Course

Pebble Beach Golf Course in California is considered by many to be on the best golf courses in the world. Find out more about Pebble Beach.

Golf Club Series: Marketing of Golf Clubs

Marketing strategies are very effective in the field of golf courses. Some strategies that may look strong and give good results to one’s business, but after an interval, it may backfire. One of these strategies is the strategy of decreasing the prices of these golf courses. Because of such strategies, the particular company displays a poor image before its customers.

Golf Clubs Series: Transporting Golf Clubs

If one is thinking of starting a business of transporting golf cubs, then the first thing that has to come in mind is that the golf clubs normally do not differ much in their sizes and structures. However, in order to transport these items one has to get the supply of different styles, sizes and structures of golf clubs.

History of Golf Clubs

In earlier times, golf players used to create their own clubs by using wood. Many people had a habit of using simple sticks to hit the balls which became a usual habit for them. People actually enjoyed this game. This initiated a new era in the game for the first time.

Golf Club Series: Golf Clubs for Teenagers

In recent times, popularity of games like golf has soared drastically. Even teenagers are finding this game enticing. They are giving soccer a miss in order to play golf. The problem here is that golf clubs are expensive and teenagers may damage them in a short period of time.

Golf Club Series: Golf Clubs for Beginners

Currently, playing golf is the most preferred hobby for many people. In the past, the game was only meant for a handful of high-class people. However, the present condition is witnessing a positive change. There are many people having an increasing level of interest towards the game and the game in return is attracting many people with its attractiveness.

5 Common Golf Slice Causes

Once you better understand what is causing you to slice the ball, you will be able to take steps towards eliminating the problem and becoming a better golfer. The five causes listed in this article are some of the most common when it comes to golf slicing.

Concentrate on Your Golf Putting Basics

If you really want to lower your overall golf score then concentrate on your putting basics. Here I will going to add some quick golf putting drills to improve your putting game.

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