Golf Tips – How to Make the Most Out of Par 3’s and 5’s

When hitting onto a par 3 you can almost guarantee that if you miss the green your chances of making a birdie are almost impossible. For some players and on some par 3’s if you miss the green you will be lucky if you make a bogey.

Tips to Help You Increase Your Golf Game

Golf can be very stressful even when you’re just playing for fun. Everyone, no matter what their skill level, wants to perform well.

Laser Golf Swing Trainer – Impressive Tool to Improve Your Swing Consistency

Imagine a golf swing trainer that comes with a graphical mat, instructional video and booklet and two laser trainer diodes that are battery operated. Yes, a laser golf swing trainer from Butch Harmon is what I am talking about. Won’t you agree that this is the next best thing that has ever happened to golf?

Getting in Shape For Your GOLF Hobby

Golf is an interesting hobby which is a fun way to keep fit and mingle with friends with a common interest. You may find yourself wearing the latest golf fashion, playing with the finest golf clubs and receiving fine golf related accessories from your family and friends at christmas and your birthday. But are you fit enough to play the game.

Golf Mental Training and How it Works!

Golf mental training is such a key part in playing not just a good game in golf but it can make a big difference in playing the game of a lifetime. Mental Training in Golf has helped professional golfers such as Tiger Woods and others to obtain what they want when they are on the course.

How to Cure the Golfing Yips

The yips are golf’s equivalent of a horrible degenerative disease. No, not one that kills you, but instead a lingering sickness where you live on to experience a troubled and painful existence. Short two and three foot puts are jerked, jabbed and stabbed at with increasing futility and embarrassment, and all hope of recovery is abandoned.

Canadian Open Toppers – Dean Wilson and Tim Clark

It was a very important championship and the soft ground was a great advantage to the players. Many players including Tim Clark of South Africa hit the narrow freeways. Tim shot a skillful 64 for a split and lead the second round along with Dean Wilson by the side of 10 under.

5 Free Golf Tips For Playing Out of the Deep Rough

Playing out of the deep rough is one of the hardest shots in golf. There are so many variables depending on the lie that it is hard to predict how your shot will turn out. Playing out of the deep rough is difficult but there are some adjustments you can make to control the affects that it may have on your shot.

When Putting What’s More Important, Speed Or Line?

As a golfer, when putting, what’s more important? Do you think it’s the speed or the line of your putts that makes the difference? If you have played golf for any length of time you know that putting is where the rubber meets the road. If you can’t make putts, then your golf scores will never improve.

Features of Golf GPS Units

Golf GPS systems are a rapidly evolving technology and are quickly becoming a must have for all golfing enthusiasts. The purpose of these GPS systems is to assist golfers with a number of tricky situations when out on the course.

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