Directed Force Reno Putter On Course Review

5 Most Common Issues Restricting Baby Boomer Golfers

Most golfers over 50 fail to work on their most important and powerful piece of equipment. Their bodies! Since many golfers claim that it is too difficult to stick to an exercise program, we narrowed it down to only 5 many areas that golfers over 50 need to address to have an age defying golf game.

What Makes a Golf Course Great to Play?

As golfers we are always grading the courses we play. If we haven’t played the course previously, we want to know if it’s going to be worth five hours of our time and the price of green fees to play. Then once we’ve played a course, we want to make a judgment about it to know if we want to come back. But when it comes to golfers and golf courses, isn’t their much more about a golf course that we relate to on a personal level?

The Role Of Nutrition In The Golf Fitness Workout

How you fuel the body after a workout is critical in the recovery process. It can influence the degree of muscle soreness and fatigue. It will also enhance energy stores if done properly.

Golf Posture And Its Impact On Performance

One of the 3 identified golf postures is productive. The 2nd will rob the golfer of power and distance. The 3rd is a low back time bomb. Which one are you?

How to Choose a Backyard Golf Practice Net

If you are looking for a good backyard practice net to work on your golf game at home, this article lists a number of important items to look for to ensure you choose the best practice net for your needs. Some things to consider are affordability, durability and make.

Golf Gifts For Men With The Passion For Golf

What makes golf interesting is that you don’t have to be super athletic in order to get good at this sport. One minute you could just be one of the spectators of the game, the next you might be one of the next professional golfers. Therefore, golf gifts for men with the passion in golf can be given to all golf enthusiasts regardless of their experience.

Golf Gifts For Men For The Holiday Season

Forget about those serious PGA golf tournaments where the play involves serious game. The Christmas season will definitely provide you new and fun ideas to give golf gifts for men throughout the holidays. The following are some of those unique golf gift ideas for that special holiday season.

Amateur Golf Gifts For Men

Men also deserve an intelligent game. Unlike other ball games which require different physical skills, golf has a certain flair to it that most men, who love the outdoors, will surely love playing. If you’re still new to the game, here is a list of golf gifts for men who may want to consider playing it seriously.

A Variety Of Christmas Gifts For Dad On The Move

Is your father often away either on a business trip or on a meeting or always preoccupied at work? You cannot really blame him, actually. His work is as important as family as this provides the means for every family’s daily sustenance.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Who Is Difficult To Please

You know this type of dad. He hardly ever smiles and always spends most of his day reading the headlines of the newspaper. A stern nod is the only indication you can get from him every time he is satisfied.

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