DISTANCE VS ACCURACY: Mizuno vs Proto Concept | Player’s Distance Irons

Golf Chipping – 6 Steps to Perfect Chip Shots

Although there is an element of feel and touch to having a great short game, golf chipping doesn’t have to be that complicated! Find out what the 6 steps are to perfecting your chip shots.

Golf – A Game of Etiquette Even For Dressing Up – A Special Note on Golf Clothing

Golf is a game for gentlemen and gentle women. Playing the game is not only a pleasure but also adds dignity to the one who plays it. It is a game of eternal glory that every integral part of the game has a set of rules, has a defined etiquette to be followed. Even the dressing up of oneself for the game has a very traditional etiquette though the dress itself being not so formal. If you are new to golf and are seeking what golf clothing you should wear, it is must that you read this before going to shop for them. If not, you are most likely to be restrained from entering your golf club.

How-To – Organize a Golf Tournament

Organizing a golf tournament really can be a thankless task at times. But if you just follow some basic procedures you can try to make it run quite smoothly. The main things you need to know are to watch the costs and take your time when planning.

Sonocaddie GPS Golf Rangefinders Review and Description

The Sonocaddie v100 is everything a golfer needs. With accurate yardages to different points on the green and hazards, what more could a golfer ask for from a GPS golf rangefinder?

Try This Technique to Stay in the Zone Or Present Moment in Golf Putting

Can you play in the present just one shot at a time and can you play without concern for the results because there is no competition, no golf course, no holes or par golf? Is it possible for you to learn a technique that will liberate your way of thinking and free you up to let your best golf loose in a natural and unconcerned way? If you cannot than you do not want to play great golf badly enough. If you can you will play some remarkable golf and amaze yourself.

Trust Your Golf Swing and Have Faith in Your Unconscious Mind to Move Your Body

If you can learn to have faith in your unconscious mind to fire the neural pathways only your mind knows how to in beautiful sequence and timing to make your body move in a golf swing, you will play far better golf, more consistently than you can possibly imagine. Have faith; trust your swing to your deep unconscious mind.

The Nuances of Golf Training System

You may wonder about the possible content for training to be on a golf course apart from playing the game. But the fact is that a golf course is where you play the game the game of golf. And there are certain principles that you need to follow as you enter a game course.

The Game of Mind Golf

The title of this page refers to the same game of golf that you enjoy on the lush green landscaped lawns of the golf course. Exactly how much of that game is in the field than in your mind remains to be unearthed.

Shopping For Discount Golf Equipment

You can find good discounted golf equipment but you do not have to lose any of the quality you’re looking for. Playing your golf game does not have to be expensive and there are many ways to go about finding discount golf equipment to get you out on the course and have fun.

How to Build a Positive, Steady and Dependable Consistency in Your Golf Swing Technique

Do you want to develop a more reliable, consistent and confident golf swing technique? I don’t think there is a golfer alive that doesn’t want to become more consistent and confident when playing golf. So what does it mean to be consistent at golf? Is it even possible to develop a consistent golf game? These are the big questions of golf, and in this article I’m going to share with you a simple pathway to a more dependable, confident and consistent golf swing, which will give you more self-belief and certainty over the golf shots that you hit.

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