Do Putters Need to be Expensive to Work?

Golf Clones: What Are These And How Do They Benefit Golfers?

It talks about golf clones; its introduction, definition, benefits and etc. Golf is considered to be the sport for most individuals nowadays. These golf clones are basically considered as the cheaper versions of golf clubs that also run the same golf game and facilities with similar materials and designs provided by top manufacturers.

Fitness Development, A Key Part of Functional Golf Training

Golfers of all ages need to be keen on fitness training to improve their skills on the golf course. Many golfers are getting involved in golf training fitness programs. An improvement in physical fitness will result in an improvement in the player’s level of play.

How to Pick Your Golf Clubs Properly

If you are just starting to play golf, then you might be eager to get your first golf set so you can immediately enjoy your game to the fullest. That might force you to get a low quality set just for the sake of having it. Don’t make that mistake.

Golf Carts – They Have Come a Long Way

There are still a lot of golf purists who still prefer to play their golf the old fashioned way; that is to walk the course. If you’re young you carry your clubs, and if you are not so young you pull them on a hand cart. But golf course design no longer takes the walking golfer into account very much, as the distances between green and the next tee are often longer than a par 5.

Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS System Review

The Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS System has been specifically designed for the serious golfer. Packed full of the latest advanced GPS technology and stroke saving features, find out how the Approach G6 Golf GPS System from Garmin will improve your golfing experience.

The Beginning of Fall/Winter Golf Training

Golf training may not be one of your priorities now the season is over as you are busy with other obligations. But with time management you can still improve.

Important Points When Caring for Your Golf Equipment

How to care for your golf equipment to ensure you have the best game you can. Tips to keep golf balls clean and golf gloves in optimum shape.

What to Consider When Caring for Golf Equipment

To get the best from your golf equipment and by extension your golf game you must ensure that you care for your balls and gloves. Here are some tips to looking after the essential golfing items every golfer uses.

5 Steps To Learn How To Golf Swing

Learning how to play the game of golf and learning how to golf swing is something very foreign to most people who have never tried. It is unlike hitting a baseball and it is just not like a tennis swing. However, learning the sport and how to swing the club is not that hard and it is all about patience and learning the simple basics.

Your Golf Bag: What You Are Likely Missing

What could be better than having your bag full of top of the line equipment? A set of the newest titanium drivers and players irons expertly fitted to your body type can give you maximum control over your game regardless of the conditions. Top it off with an elegant Titleist premium stand bag with a set of Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls and you are set for the applause of an admiring gallery. Yet, with all of that you still may be neglecting the most important piece of equipment that any golfer can have.

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