US Women’s Open Doesn’t Depend on the Americans Anymore

International players are now slowly starting to take over US Women’s Open. Also one of the reasons for Americans not being able to dominate could be due to the lack of golfers with star quality in America. Though some people believe there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

New Tee Creates Controversy

The Royal & Ancient has announced just one course modification for the 2010 Open. This one change however has sparked controversy. The 17th hole (par 4) the Road Hole is set to get a fresh back tee.

Good Swing Mechanics

When it comes down to having a good golf swing having good mechanics is vital. If the fundamentals of your game are lacking then you aren’t not going to do do well. In fact you might always slice the ball. Make sure to improve your game by working on the basics.

Kerr Looking Forward to Retain Perfection at Women’s Open

Cristie Kerr is not looking to improve her standards, but she made it clear that she is looking forward to retain her stature of perfectionist in the upcoming US Open women’s championship to be held at Oakmont Country Club. At Locust Valley two weeks ago, she showed a dominating and a strong win by 12 shots, which brought back memories of Tiger Woods win of 15 shots in the year 2000 at US Open.

Davis Frivolous Nature Over US Women’s Open

The USGA’s senior director of rules and competitions was frivolous during the press conference held on Christmas Eve at Oakmont country club. Though the mercury reached below 90’s but to Davis it was perfect time for holding the championship.

Educate Yourself on How to Host a Golf Event Successfully

Man is a social animal and social gatherings and get-togethers strengthen our social bonds. You can organize for an informal golf event, where you can encourage the players to participate in the game of golf while interacting with each other exchanging pleasantries. Read on and you can learn the basics of hosting a golf event.

Looking For Some Helpful Golf Tips?

Many people start out thinking that golf is a difficult game to excel at. It really is not if you are able to do one thing. Relax when you play. Don’t get all stressed out before a game, wondering about your performance. Most people play for fun and relaxation anyway, so start with the attitude that this is going to be fun.

Want to Improve Golf Swing Techniques Easily?

One of the easiest ways to improve golf swing techniques is to have someone who understands the game to watch your swing. For most people this ends up being a golf instructor. Whoever it is, have them watch you for a bit until they see clearly what it is that you need to improve on. Once you have determined this, you will know what to focus on during your practice sessions. You will be able work on changing what you need to change and leaving the other things alone.

Think Through Your Golf Swing Step-by-Step

To start out with hold your golf club with both hands. Raise your hands out away from your body, until they are at the level of your forehead. Learn this position. Practice this so that every time you coil you have this same feel. This is the correct position to be in for a good swing. This is the correct distance that your hands should be from your body.

Are You Buying Your First Pair of Golf Shoes?

If you find that the prices in the store are a little too expensive for you, you can at least get an idea of the type and brand that you prefer. You may be able to go online and find the same shoes or some fairly similar to them at a lower price. You will probably find a lot more variety online than you will in a local store. If you have the time to wait for delivery then save some money by purchasing your shoes online.

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