Don’t TURN your SHOULDERS in the golf swing

What Should You Think About When Buying a Golf Swing Training Aid?

Fritz was trying to find a golf swing training aid to solve his issues with his slice. It had been acting up lately and wouldn’t stay straight. He also wanted an aid to teach him how to get the ball to immediately stop once it hit the green.

What Is Involved in Golf Fitness Training?

Before I started golfing, I had always believed golf to be kind of a wimpy sport that didn’t require much stamina or strength. At the end of my first round of golf, however, I realized just how wrong I was about this sport. I was so fatigued and sore that I really had to struggle to finish all 18 holes.

What Options Can You Consider for Golf Swing Training Aids?

Joey had been trying to convince his wife to step out on the golf course and give the game a try for years, and he finally got her to play a round of golf recently. He wasn’t too surprised when she announced that she really loved playing and wanted to continue playing with him whenever she could. However, Joey’s wife wanted to take some steps to improve her skills because she felt inadequate playing such a competitive game in public since she was new to it.

Simple Golf Swing Tips for Beginners – Playing a Fade or Draw

Having the ability to work the ball as a fade or a draw is a huge advantage when playing golf. Like most golfers, I started out with a fade. It wasn’t my intention; it was just the way the golf ball traveled. For a while I just tried to work with the fade, but the more I tried to compensate for it, the worse it got.

What Are the Most Common Golf Swing Faults?

Every golfer at some time or another let’s a swing fault creep into his or her game. Half the battle of fixing a golf swing fault is identifying what the golf swing fault is in the first place.

How Can You Benefit From Golf Training Swing Aids?

A few years ago, Roger’s friend had turned him on to golf, and Roger really took to the game. Roger was a regular at the driving range, and he also played a few rounds of golf each month. For the first year or two, Roger noticed that his time practicing paid off in improvement to his game, but more recently his pace of improvement seemed to have slowed down considerably.

Why Should You Consider Using a Golf Swing Training Aid?

Jeremy’s father had a golf club in Jeremy’s hands almost as soon as he could walk. Over the years, he had spent a tremendous amount of time on various golf courses, and his above-average performance on the course reflected his years of experience. Jeremy had always prided himself on his great golf skills, but lately some of the younger people on the course were outshining him.

How Are Golf Training Reviews Helpful?

Randy was crazy about discovering the newest innovations in the game of golf. He was extremely competitive and liked to have the best of the best, as he felt it helped him be a better golfer. For one, you never know when a new golf club or golf ball will come in handy.

What Are the Basics of a Golf Weight Training Program?

Zach was thinking about joining a golf weight training program this winter, especially when the weather kept him off the course anyway. He needed something to focus his time on and wanted to get in better shape. He had also heard from a friend that you could alter the program for your body type.

Why Is a Golf Training Guide Invaluable to a Golfer?

Jason had been struggling for awhile to find a solution for one area of his golf swing. It had started in the middle of the summer, and nothing he had done had been able to fix it. He visited with the local golf pro and even purchased several training aids, but nothing was an obvious solution.

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