Easy golf swing for SENIOR GOLFERS to hit the ball further

Cheap Golf Equipment – How to Choose

Golf equipment would define a golfer at first glance. Well, not until the moment the golfer swings would you be able to know exactly how good the golfer is. Even though the equipment may help a golfer, there really is no reason that you have to avoid cheap golf equipment. It would entirely depend on your definition of cheap, but you could actually find cheap equipment for golf if you just know where to find them. If you don’t know where to find them, you could possibly ask someone who also is fond of golf.

When Circumstances Lead You to Titleist Golf Clubs

Titleist golf clubs aren’t your popular type of club, as opposed to more common brands like Callaway or Mizuno that a lot of people flock to. However, choosing your golf clubs isn’t about following someone else’s footsteps. You really have to pick a club that you can use and be comfortable with. If you have browsed through some of the more popular clubs out there but they don’t feel right in your hands, then you have two options. First, try to get a fitter. These guys can tell you what clubs you can use and will explain it to you in great detail.

Sonocaddie V500 GPS Review

If you are looking for a new golf GPS then they is no better choice than the Sonocaddie V500 GPS. It is packed with features and rates very high among golfers of all skill levels.

The Golf Shaft – Differentiating a Stud From a Dud

Every day golfers buy clubs based solely on the technology present in the clubhead but pay little to no attention to the quality of the shaft other than to choose between steel or graphite, then pick the flex that fits their clubhead speed. The shaft is the backbone of the golf club, and can make all the difference between your club being a stud or a dud.

4 Easy Golf Swing Tips to Straighten Up Your Shots Off the Tee

Plenty of recreational players are bothered with hitting a slice. It doesn’t matter what adjustments they make, they still slice the ball, most notably off the tee. For many players though, they are simply confronted with the complete opposite. Their issue is trying to find a way to avoid hooking the ball.

Golf Cufflinks: Things That You Will Like to Know

There was a time when golf was treated as an indulgence of the lavish men or riches. Yet, things have changed with time and now many people of the middle income group are taking part in this sport. If you are a golf lover then you must carry some elegant and graceful accessories with your attire. It will enhance the gracefulness in your personality and will make you stand apart from others.

Golf Short Game Practice Tips for the Beginners

Golf short game played important role in your overall golf game and that’s why you have to concentrate more on your golf short game practice drills. Here we have listed useful short game tips to practice your game.

Putting Grip – Loosen Up – Five Tips

Are your fingers turning blue or the whites of your knuckles turning white? Loosen your putting grip. Choose your favorite grip hold. Feel it. Be sure you accommodate the need for freedom in the wrists. Use comfortable pressure with the putting grip, do not squeeze it tightly.

Make More Putts

By “locking” the hands and wrists, most golfers are robbing themselves of the touch and feel necessary to make more putts. By softening the grip, the putting stroke is far more likely to produce a straight back, straight through, consistent path to the hole.

Simple System To Improve Your Golf Swing

Want to beat your Saturday morning golf buddies, your boss, or even just lower your handicap. I have found a system that will do that and more.

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