Eliminate Early Round Mistakes | Simple 3 Step Pre-Round Range Routine

This Crazy Game of Golf

What stories have been told of glorious heavenly days spent upon the links contrasted by woeful tales of nightmarish escapades enough to destroy the strongest of men. Could Charles Dickens have been a golfer? Who knows, had he have been one he would surely have experienced an avalanche of bewildering emotions during his round of golf.

7 Steps to Lowering Your Golf Score

Golf is a very difficult sport. Here are seven steps to follow when trying to lower your score.

Golf Downswing: 5 Great Tips To Transform Your Golf Swing

What is the most destructive mistake in golf? What one thing can wreck your chances of ever playing great golf? What one thing can take shots off your handicap, if only you knew how to fix it? Read this article to discover what it is and how to fix it.

Hybrid Golf Clubs – All You Need to Know

It seems to me like hybrid golf clubs is a hot topic among golf players and in golfing sites nowadays. It’s not as though this type of club is new, but it is not that old either. And since golfing manufacturers spent millions and millions to produce perfectly good hybrid clubs, it is only fitting to do a feature of this equipment for golfing enthusiasts to read.

Don’t Buy a Callaway Golf Driver Until You Read This

Looking for Callaway golf driver on sale? Many people are. Golfers everywhere know these are the ultimate drivers and are searching for great prices, so I decided to write this article to help those who are looking to get a really good deal.

Hit the Golf Ball Straighter By Improving Your Aim

If you read the title of this article, you might have thought to yourself, “Hitting the ball straight has to do with my swing. What does aim have to do with it?” I’m here to tell you, it has more than you think to do with it, and if you teach yourself how to be truly aimed at your target, you will hit straighter shots by having done that alone.

Buying a New Golf Driver

The world of today’s golf drivers out there is crazy. With brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Mizuno, Srixon, Adams, Cleveland and Nike providing an endless option of drivers to choose from, we tend to get lost. I would like to make it a little bit easier for you to make your selection by understanding what to look for when buying or selecting a driver. You have 3 major factors (there are more factors but for 95% of today’s golfers this is irrelevant): driver Club head, Shaft and Loft of the club head.

Play Golf in Ireland in 2010

Golfing in Ireland has changed over the last three years. Read on to find out why and where to get the best value.

Your Golf Swing Through Impact

If you’ve been around golf for a while, and have done some reading and some listening about the golf swing, you probably know that the key to the whole thing is what happens at impact. So you might have begun a study of what the correct impact position is supposed to be. I’d like to change your thinking from “impact position” to “impact movement,” and give you a precise description of how to do it.

Passive Lower Body In The Golf Swing?

If you are taking lessons from a golf instructor that tells you must have a passive lower body in the golf swing. RUN! The golf swing is no different than any other upright motion of the body.

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