Golf Wedges

Most beginners don’t know what the wedge does and it’s importance. Wedges are usually made of iron and are intended for accuracy of shorter shots.

Backswing – Effortlessly Train Yourself to Come From the Inside on Your Backswing

Golf is a game which not matter what your skill level, you only enjoy it if you swing allows you to hit a somewhat decent shot. One component of that swing is your back swing. When you learn to come from the inside on your back swing on a consistent basis, your game should improve, and the enjoyment level go up!

Golf Tee Time

The modern golf tee that golfers commonly used was based on Dr. William Lowell’s invention in 1925. He successfully marketed it after promoting it in a practice exhibition when he hired professional golfers like Walter Hagen and Joe Kirkwood Sr.

Does the Brand of Golf Ball Really Make a Difference?

Golfers on a budget would love to play nothing but Titleist Pro V1’s like most of the professionals but it is not realistic to pay 5 dollars per ball when you are going to lose a few every round. Its three layer design is aimed at maximizing distance, durability and performance.

Perfecting the Pitch and Run Or Bump and Run Golf Shot

One technique which you need to include in your short game arsenal is the ‘pitch and run’ or ‘bump and run’ which is designed to keep your ball low and run in onto the green in windy conditions. As with all shots the first thing you need to do is to select the right club and most golfers will tell you that the ideal club for the ‘pitch and run’ is a 7 iron or, if you need a little less loft and more distance because you are still a long way from the green (say more than 150 feet), a 5 iron.

Take a Chunk of Wood With You When Practicing Bunker Shots

Many novice golfers spend endless hours on the driving range and spend far too little time on the practice ground working on their short game, putting and bunker shots and this is a mistake. Practicing bunker shots is not perhaps a barrel of laughs but unless you want to spend a lot of time hacking your way out of bunkers on the course and turning in high scores then you really need to learn to master the bunker shot.

Improve Your Short Game by Selecting the Right Clubs and Not Over-Analyzing Everything

Some people will try to tell you that your short game is all about mastering the techniques of a series of specific shots but the truth is that it has much more to do with your level of comfort and confidence. With this in mind, one of the biggest mistakes that most novice golfers make is to watch some training video and conclude that the only route to success is to make sure that you choose specific clubs for specific shots. The result is that, nine times out of ten, you end up selecting the wrong club. So, what is the right club?

Golf Ball Washer

Another name for “Ball washer” is “Ball shagger”. It is mainly a piece of equipment for the cleaning of dirty Golf balls. As golf balls have a rough surface in contrast to other balls and are mostly used on grassy surfaces, they tend to collect more dirt which can affect their aerodynamics properties.

Golf – Planning For Success

Why you must plan and prepare every game of golf you play. How focus is required for every detail of your game.

Why Do You Need Golf Stand Bags?

Well, you would have experienced the answer yourself if you have been golfing since quite a few years. If you are used to golfing, then you know that how important it is for a golfer to carry his things in order to enjoy the full game with great comfort. This is where the importance of the golf stand bags is realized.

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