Get to Know the Pro: Michael Feagles

Experience the Benefits of Being Properly Fitted for Your Golf Clubs

Another overlooked aspect of helping every player to play his or her best is club fitting. Club fitting can consist of the driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons (this includes the wedges), and the putter.

The Simple Golf Swing Helps You To Improve Your Game: Bunker Shots

For many amateur golfers, there is nothing more terrifying than to see your ball end up in a bunker. Bunker shots can be difficult, but by taking the right approach with the five easy steps you can learn from The Simple Golf Swing guide, you can not only escape the trap, but even put your shot close to the pin.

Finding the Right Golf Club Set

Golf is a fun sport to learn if you have the right equipment. Check out this article to know about the right golf club set for your game and the way to buy them online conveniently.

Golf Lessons About Grass Can Seriously Improve Your Game

Obviously, if your ball drops into the rough then you may be forced to tweak your swing in order to get it out back on the fairway. Your swing will need to be adjusted according to your lie and the type and condition of the grass. But you don’t need to in the rough in order to find yourself dealing with different grass conditions. Consider these situations…

Master The 4 Power Primer Positions to Hit the Golf Ball Squarely Every Time

 After a recent range session with Mike, one of the guys we’ve been working with to get more power and accuracy out of his golf swing. I was struggling with how to get Mike to bring the golf club back to the ball in a Square position. His swing was pretty good overall but he led with his hands more in a “Flat”position so the club was wide open as it approached the ball.

5 Near Fatal Mistakes That Golfers Make

There are many mistakes that are made by pretty much every golfer to have swung a golf club. Then to compound it they carry on as if nothing is wrong and it is this fact that makes these mistakes easy to expose and examine for corrective action. Here are just five of the common mistakes that all golfers make and their possible solutions.

Junior Golf Tournaments

So… you are probably asking yourself, why in the world is this guy writing an article about junior golf tournaments? The simple answer is:

3 Tips to Avoid a Final Round Collapse Like the British Open and Perform Your Best Under Pressure

Like millions of people, I watched Adam Scott absolutely collapse on the last 4 holes of the British open, and yes I said it… Collapse. Adam had been on cruise control the whole week, playing the tournament of his life, his swing a thing of beauty. His confidence un-shakeable, then came the last 4 holes. Suddenly, the putts weren’t dropping, he found himself in trouble off the tee and ending up with bogey’s on the last 4 holes of the tournament and shot his worst score of the tournament with a 75. That’s 7 strokes worse than any of his 3 previous rounds.

Junior Golf – What Tournaments to Enter?

So, you have a junior golfer (age 8 to 18). You are not a golfer, and have no idea what tournaments they should enter. Here are some ideas: For the new golfer that has never played in a junior tournament: I would research to see if you have a State PGA Office in your area.

Junior Golf – Work Ethic

I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick and tired of hearing about how we are over-working our junior athletes. How many times have I heard, “kids should not practice as much,” “we should just let kids be kids,” “all of this specialized training is burning out our youth.” Nonsense.

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