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Golf And The Mental Game

In their quest to become better golfers, many people turn to help with the mental game. This is because they are told that golf is 90% mental. Unfortunately, this is not a substitute for sound fundamentals when it comes to the golf swing, short game and putting. Golfers need to master these areas first, before worrying about improving their mental skills.

Which Is the Best Golf GPS Rangefinder or Shotsaver?

Some of the best golf GPS units out there will allow you to store the distance you hit with every club in your bag thus giving you more confidence with every shot. There is no better feeling than hitting the green consistently because you don’t have to think about how far you hit the ball…

Finding The Best Golf Trainer

It is an unending cycle for golfers to constantly try new training aids in a bid to improve their swing and putting skills. There are innumerable trainers available and advertised in golfing magazines and on the Internet. But, the key is to find the best golf trainer that can actually help you to improve your game and hence your scores. One of the simplest trainers is the weighted golf club. The additional weight of the club not only provides additional exercise to the shoulders and other related muscles, but also provides increased momentum during the strike. You can also improve your swing technique, including your back-swing and your downswing. The weighted club will also enable you to hit the ball farther without straining your back. Once your muscles get accustomed to the additional weight, then you will be able to work the same wonders with your regular club.

Baby Boom Golfers Can Benefit Tremendously From A Golf Fitness Program

You love golf and you want to play it forever, especially now that you’re about ready to settle into retirement. But your game isn’t quite up to speed like it used to be and/or your playing time has become limited due to an annoying ache that’s disrupting your ability to play. It’s a scenario that’s all too common for the Baby Boom golfer, but one that can often times be addressed with a sensible golf fitness program.

S-Posture And Back Pain

There it is. In the center row in the fold out of the April issue of a prominent golf publication. A touring player in an S-posture or an “athletic” posture as it’s sometimes called. It’s something you see quite often, especially in women and young men. It’s characterized by an arching of the lower back while standing over the ball at address. Of concern is the stress the S-posture places on the lower back.

Buying Your First Set of Golf Clubs

How do you know where to begin? Here you’ll find some guidelines and tips on how to choose the best set of clubs for you.

How To Chill Out About The Worlds Economy

With the World Economy looking so grim, and the almost obscene early arrival of Christmas closeout sales, isn’t it a relief to have the PGA’s President’s Club. I can’t think of any better way to Chill out, well except personally having a round of golf, than to be able to lose oneself in some healthy international competition.

Tiger Woods Barely Misses Victory at Australian PGA Tour

The 2011 PGA Tour season has been over for the better part of a month, but plenty of world-class professional golf has been unfolding on foreign lands in the weeks since. The past weekend featured the culmination of a handful of prestigious tournaments, but two events rose to the top. Thanks to an abundance of sunshine that warms the continent well into what is considered winter in North American, the Australian PGA Tour is still playing out in a beautiful land far south of the equator.

Modern Improvements in Golf Clubs

Golf is a mental game. If examined in detail it’s seemingly a long walk while hitting a tiny ball around a whole series of obstacles with the objective to sink the ball into a round cup. The golfer with the least amount of stokes wins.

4 Common Goal Setting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them for Golfers

The article reveals you 4 common goal setting mistakes that golfers make. Find out those 4 common goal setting mistakes that golfers make and learn how to avoid them.

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