Golf in 2023 | A preview of the year ahead

Correcting a Slice – 3 Top Tips to Correct Your Golf Slice Quickly and Easily Almost Overnight

The slice is one of the most frustrating shots in golf. Not only do you lose distance you also end up stuck in the rough cursing yourself as you dig through the long grass looking for your ball. Luckily correcting your slice is something you can achieve with little or no effort if you know the right techniques. Check out the 3 top tips below for getting rid of your slice once and for all.

Ways to Find Cheaper Golf Accessories

Golf is not one of those cheap sports that everyone can afford to play. Membership at a course for example will empty your pockets and in the future it will have to be probably renewed. The golf clubs are also passable of costing a small fortune. But with all these, nobody says that the accessories need to be the same.

Golf Swing Tips – 3 Top Tips For Hitting Long Powerful Straight Drives Just Like the Pros Every Time

The next time you sit down to watch the golf on TV have a loo at the way the real pros swing their club. Even though these guys are at peak fitness with well conditioned strong muscles they don’t try to use all this power in their swing. Or, at least, they don’t use it the way you would expect.

Golf Exercises – What’s the Best One to Do?

The right golf exercises can revolutionize your game. But which ones should you? Read this article to find out more which golf exercises are the most effective at lowering your score and improving your game.

Have You Got the Right Golf Balls?

Good putting is one of the key components to shooting a good score, make more putts and you will shoot lower. There are lots of things you can do to help you become a good putter.

How to Choose the Correct Weapon When You Are a Beginner

When you are deciding on a set of golf clubs, you can make it as easy or as complicated as you want. One thing that you can do is to go to and golf shop that does not have a pro, you can then pick up a set of clubs right off the shelf and then take then to the tee.

Top 5 Golf Swing and Scoring Secrets Helped Me Break 80 in Golf

Discover in a few minutes what took 20 years to master with these golf swing and scoring secrets. Focus on just one or more of these tips and you’ll see lower golf scores in no time.

Good Behavior on the Golf Course – Golf Etiquette For Women

If you’re just starting out in the game of golf or if you’re an advanced player, knowing the correct etiquette can mean all the difference of being invited back. It’s not just knowing the rules that matters. You must behave properly on and off the course. We give you some tips to get you started and some resources to explore.

Two Golf Exercises You Must Do

Golf exercises are a must, if you want to really lower your score and improve your game. Read this article to learn about two golf exercises that you really need to do.

Golf Exercises – Three Great Reasons to Do Them

Golf exercises are a must, if you’re interested in really lowering your score and improving your game. Problem is most of the everyday exercises you probably already know are not sport specific enough. Read this article to learn more about the best golf exercises.

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