Learn The Simple Golf Swing Method

Learn the simple golf swing method and start to enjoy that sweet sound coming off the club head as it hits the golf ball dead center sending your ball right where you want it to go. With golf now one of the fastest growing sports in the world it is no wonder that any method which claims to help a golfer drive the ball better must be welcomed.

Learn This Simple Golf Swing To Play Better Golf

Learn this simple golf swing to play better golf, or stay at your present handicap rating by ignoring this article. Read this article and you may be surprised at what it says about how to enjoy your golf by gaining more confidence in your swing. The choice is yours.

When to Take Chances With Your Golf Shot

Selecting golf shots should be a series of risk/reward decisions, and whenever I give out advice on what choice to make the option should always be on the side of safety. It makes us more disciplined in the way we play the game, and coaches in any sport will agree that the team with greater discipline will usually win in an evenly-matched game.

What Are Some Good Suggestions When Buying Golf Gifts For Your Loved Ones?

When buying golf gifts for your loved ones, you want to make sure they will appreciate the items. When searching for the perfect gifts, you can go online. You can either drop by some sports stores or surf in online stores. You might think that finding a gift for a golf player is easy. But you need to spend time and effort if you really want to make your loved one happy with your gift.

Golf Clothing – Are You Dressed for the Game?

Every game has a strict dress code. One of the reasons golf is nicknamed a “Gentleman’s game” is because of its dapper attire. The dress code may vary for each country club or golf course.

Are Your Golf Club Shafts Affecting Your Game? Second Edition

A previous article covered the need to determine swing speeds one of the main factors in shaft determination. This article will discuss other characteristics of shaft design that should be considered when choosing a new golf club or re-shafting an existing club.

Are Your Golf Club Shafts Affecting Your Game?

The technology available today, allows not only professionals, but golfers at home to choose club shafts designed to improve their ball striking capabilities. Factors like swing speed of the individual must be taken into consideration when designing or re-shafting.

What Are The Top Gifts For Men Which Are Affordable?

There is an array of the top gifts for men to choose from, which are easy on the wallet, if you just know where to look. It would also help if you know the gift receiver well. You don’t have to spend a lot, especially on Christmas where you will also have to give gifts to a lot of people – Unless you’re earning like Bill Gates and can spend more than 300 dollars each on your Christmas list of 50.

3 Golf Course Management Tips Around the Green

Cutting down your mistakes around the green is the fastest way to lower your scores, and most of it starts from between the ears. The decisions you make when approaching the green can certainly make getting the ball in the hole very easy or very difficult. Then when you’re around the green you’ll have even more decisions, and the more different shots you can execute on a regular basis the more tools you’ll have to work with.

How to Think Your Way Around the Golf Course

Most golfers that play only on an occasional basis think too much about their golf swing when on the course. That is natural because they normally don’t have a great deal of time to work on their game when away from the course. But look at it this way: when you pay good money, and often quite a lot to play a round of golf, why would you use that time practicing. The fun part of golf, as with any sport, is competing.

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