Golf Swing Release Drills: Chicken Wing Fix!

Get Your Golf Swing Mechanics Right The First Time

Golf is a very unique game. It uses a ball, but unlike basketball or baseball, it is not played on a standardized playing area.

Is Golf the Perfect Fitness Remedy?

I always considered golf to be rather a relaxing kind of activity. A gentle meander down corridors of green meadow, halting now and then at various stages along the walk to nudge forward a little white ball towards a little hole set upon a distant green.

Over-Loading the Brain With Swing Thoughts Can Have Devastating Effects on Your Game

A good friend of mine decided one day to go and do something positive about improving his swing. He’d got to the stage where he simply could not hit the ball with any consistency whatsoever. In fact he was downright disgusted with himself.

Are You Allowed to Move Your Head 4 to 6 Inches to the Side During Your Golf Swing?

I have come across some strange theories in my time concerning the actions of the golf swing and I was about to dismiss this one simply because it went against one of the most fundamental principles of standard teaching practices in golf. We are taught to keep our heads still throughout the swing and yet it was advocated you are allowed to move your head sideways during your golf swing by up to 4-6 inches.

Take Time Out and Smell the Roses Along the Way

I was playing golf the other day at my local course with a 20 handicap friend of mine called Dave. Now I must say first and foremost I do enjoy playing golf with Dave simply because he enjoys the game immensely and nothing seems to get him down. I have never seen him shout or swear or even throw his clubs in anger.

Golf Cart Bag – Choosing The Right Golf Bag

Looking for a golf bag can sometimes be a tedious process. After all, you want to make sure that your bag does everything that you need it to do and be within budget as well. There are different styles of bags, and some are meant for walking, and others are designed to fit in the golf cart if you prefer to ride. I’ve come up with a few different things to take into considering so that you’ll know what you need to look for when purchasing a golf bag.

How to Choose the Best Golf Cufflinks

Cufflinks add to the classy and elegance look to any man’s attire. A man would prefer to add cufflinks to his wardrobe and fancy the essence and spirit of the elegant piece. It is true that men love sports and when it comes to golf it is the most graceful and elegant sport that anyone would name. A set of golf cufflinks is all that adds to make a big difference in one’s looks. Now if you want to know how to buy the golf cufflinks there are a few simple things that you should follow.

Golf Ball and Bag Cufflinks – Ideal Gifts for Your Boyfriend

If you want to gift your boyfriend with something that is close to his heart and resembles the love for his passion, then something unique will make the appeal. Golf ball cufflinks or bag cufflinks speak exorbitantly and gracefully about the sport of riches and how the game brings pride to one’s face.

How to Control Your Golf Rage

Although a highly competitive sport at professional level, for us amateurs, golf is best seen as a game you play against yourself. Trying to iron out the imperfections and improve your overall play and consistency.

Your One Piece Take Away

How many times have you heard mention of The One Piece Take Away? What are the characteristics of a One Piece Take Away? In a one piece take away the core of the body initiates the golf swing. This way of thinking of the golf swing can be detrimental to your ball striking.

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