Golf Psychology

I want to step outside of the box for today, and talk a little bit about psychology. I hope you can stay with me on this lesson, as it is an important one. One of the most confusing things to me in golf is how often you improve one part of your game, only to have another part completely deteriorate. Here is what I’ve realized: It’s not your fault.

Golf Playing Lesson Secret – Lesson 20

Today I wanted to talk about playing golf – out on the course, with the elements. It always seems different doesn’t it? I do not believe this is because we “lose our swings” or anything like that, but we don’t account for the changes in height on the course, as well as the traps set up for us.

Putting the Golf Swing Together – Lesson 21

It is so often that we do not understand something until we have done it ourselves. That is especially true in the golf swing. In today’s lesson, I wanted to share 3 of the best drills I know for creating a powerful, repeating swing.

Chipping – Lesson 22

There are so many facets to the short game that I will be talking about each of them piece by piece, as I did the complete swing. Today, I want to discuss basic chipping from good lies.

Lesson 23 – Subtracting Yardage From a Shot

If you watched the entire 8 part series on YouTube about Tiger’s clinic, then you will have heard this, although it is worth repeating: 1. Hitting the ball lower is going to subtract from the distance the ball flies, as compared to your normal shot. 2. Hitting the ball higher will usually add to the distance the ball flies, as compared to your normal shot.

Dave Stockton – Lesson in Putting

I was fortunate to have a lesson from Dave Stockton, a two time PGA Championship winner and one hell of a good putter. He was giving a clinic at a local course and we were watching him putt. I also got an embarrassing lesson in choosing putters.

Golf Instruction Tips – 2 Simple Swing Tips

There are a lot of reasons people have trouble with their golf swings. One of the primary reasons is that they use their arms too much when they swing. Whether it’s a bad habit from a baseball swing they used to use, or simply the need to feel more control, it’s a difficult habit to break. The good news is that there are a couple of Golf Instruction Tips that can help break this bad habit.

The Hybrid Golf Club – More About This Clever Innovation

The hybrid golf club is an inventive design that gives you yet another selection for your golf bag. Their rising popularity can be attributed to their ease of use and because they combine aspects from both woods and irons.

Golf Competition Formats and How to Score Them

Are you confused by the difference between Stableford and Medal, Best Ball and Scramble, Foursomes and Greensomes? Do you know what a Texas Scramble if and how it differs from a normal Scramble? If you’re just starting to play golf competitions you need to know what the various competitions are and how to keep your score correctly. This article will explain these and other golf competitions and how to score them correctly, so you can go out to play them confidently with friends or other club members and not be embarrassed by not knowing how to calculate your own and your opponents score.

Reviewing Footjoy Contour Golf Shoes

Footjoy is an authority in the world of golf shoe making; they further enhanced and cemented that authority by recently introducing their contour golf shoes series. The contour shoes series have more than lived up to its hype and expectations, even its prior to launching critics are now full of praise for it because of the advantages it has over other types of golf shoes.

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