Has Your Driver Swing Left You Part 1

Golf Ball Dimples Help Improve Your Game

There have been many studies, books, and magazines that feature the importance of golf ball dimples and how they help the ball travel a longer distance. More and more golf lovers are researching on the topic – how many dimples the golf ball should have as well as the difference their absence or presence could have on the game.

Golf Ball Dimples – What Are They?

How many times have you scrutinized the ball you use in golf and wondered why there are dimples all over it? This article will discuss how golf ball dimples control the balls flight and its importance to the success of your game.

Golf Instruction Book – Everything You Need to Know About Golf

Golf is a sport that can either get you really delighted or really frustrated. Sometimes though, it can get you very excited, but when things don’t turn out the way you want them to, it sparks a chain of events that brings you to a poor score.

Making Strides to Reducing Your Handicap

For those who have been playing golf for a while they will understand how hard it is to lower your golf handicap. It takes years of practise and dedication to get yourself to where you are competing at a high level.

Stay Calm and Reduce Your Golf Handicap

Golf is a sport like no other; the handicap system was brought in to ensure that there was a level playing field. Whenever you step on to the golf course you have as much chance of winning as anyone and this should instill a level of confidence into players of all ability.

Left Handed Golf Club Sets – How to Buy Left Hand Golf Sets

Being born with the left hand as your master hand can both be a blessing and a curse. You can get around most things, such as left handed desks, and writing with your left had. When it comes to left handed golf club sets, it becomes a pain being a lefty.

Left Hand Golf Sets

People who need left handed golf clubs tend to have a hard time finding a good set. On top of that, they normally have a hard time finding a set of them at a great price. The good news is that you do have a few choices that you can make that could help you get your hands on a pair of left handed golf clubs.

Golf Club Fitting For Ladies

Golf club fitting for ladies has long been overlooked so there are very limited options available, until just recently. This doesn’t mean that the offers for ladies golf clubs are already at par with those for men. But this fact shouldn’t discourage lady golfers out there! Having a good set of properly fitted golf clubs will help you improve your game and have more fun on the greens.

Women’s Golf Club Fitting – What Are Your Options

If you are a lady golfer and you are looking into buying new golf equipment, then you are probably aware that the options for women’s golf club fitting is very limited compared to men. Although it is possible for you to get a proper fitting, it may be necessary for you to evaluate and consider your options more. Let’s look deeper into the reasons why you need to have a proper women’s club fitting, how to find a qualified fitter, and why the clubs available in most golf equipment shops are usually not right for you.

Golf Club Fitting – Know the Basics

I’m sure you must be itching to buy your new set of irons, but before you do, it’s important for you to have a golf club fitting. Finding a professional fitter is easy; all you need to do is ask around. Before your fitting session, you need to educate yourself as to what to expect, including the things that will be discussed during the fitting session.

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