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Successful Golf Club Fitting

Being an effective golf player requires a perfect blend of two things – the player’s skill as well as the quality of the golf equipment. The most essential equipment any player must have is the golf club. You have to take steps to make sure that your club set properly fits your physical characteristics, body type, swing speed and strength. Hence, it’s very important to get a proper golf club fitting.

Getting a Golf Club Fitting is Simple

Why is it that many golfers are getting a golf club fitting? It’s mainly because it’s the fastest and simplest way for you to improve your game. This article will give an overview of the things that you should consider if you are looking into purchasing a new set of irons or a driver to ensure that you are perfectly happy with them.

Golf Hitting Nets – Different Types and Uses

Golf practice nets have been on the market for a long time and are the one practice aid that all golfers can use. Owning a practice net allows you to work on your game at home and save the time and money of driving to the range.

Golf Practice Nets

Practice nets are a great way to improve all aspects of your golf game regardless of your skill level. They are also a great way for beginning golfers to learn the fundamentals of the game.

Golf Handicap Explained – What is a Golf Handicap And What Does it Mean?

I understand that for most beginners the Golf Handicap can seem quite complex and confusing to start with, but once you get the basics, it is really quite simple and makes complete sense, as I will explain below! It can start to get a bit trickier when you look at calculating golf handicaps or golf handicap adjustment though!

Ben Hogan Golf Clubs – A Great Milestone

Ever since Ben Hogan golf clubs made their entry in the market over four decades ago, its standard of excellence and quality have remained unchallenged even with the growing demand for golf clubs. It has not excelled in golf clubs alone but in a wide variety of golf accessories and balls. As technology takes a new shape so are the products of Ben Hogan.

How to Deal With a Bad Golf Day

Every player has a bad golf day every now and then. But how can you stop a blip becoming a full blown dip in form. Here are a few simple tips to try on the course to turn your day around.

What is the Importance of a Golf Shoe in a Golf Game?

What is the importance of a golf shoe in a golf game? Well, before I answer that question, it is important to let you know that the golf game is one of those sports games that the quality of sports wear, gear and apparel that you put on can positively or negatively affect your overall game performance.

What Are the Best Golf Shoes on the Market?

What are the best golf shoes on the market? To answer this question I am not going to name any one particular brand, this is because when it comes to the world of golf shoes, there are at least five big companies that are doing very good jobs.

How Do Golf Shoes Improve the Game?

Golf shoes are designed in a such a way that it suits the golf game, when designing a golf shoe, the manufacturers put into consideration a lot factors which includes but are not limited to the fact that the golf game involves a lot of walking around, it is also a game that needs the player to maintain his stability in order for him to hit the perfect shot and of course they also put into consideration the varying nature of golf courses, dry, wet, sloppy and so on. After carefully considering the above factors, they designed and…

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