Golf Clubs – Which Ones to Put in Your Bag

The rules of golf let you put fourteen clubs in your bag. There are more than fourteen that you could carry, though.

Tips on How to Swing a Golf Club

One of the essential aspects in playing golf is how to swing a golf club. This is of course of great importance since this is the very tool that will make or break your game. Keep reading to find out more.

Golf Tips – Selecting the Right Putter

Just as you get your irons fitted before you buy them, and you get your driver fitted, buy a fitted putter. Precise putting requires that you have an instrument that is right for you.

Warming Up – The First Part of Any Sport’s Coaches Sessions

There are many sports stars as well as players in your local community who will often suffer a strain or pulled muscle, this injury can last for weeks as well as potentially affect their fitness in the future. You will often hear people talk of certain players for any sport or team as being “injury-prone” these people may have had an injury in the past and it keeps recurring, hampering any progress they wish to make in their profession.

Making Sure You Have the Right Golf Clubs For Your Abilities

Choosing a set of golf clubs is a tricky task, if you’re a beginner you may be tempted to consider the most expensive clubs you can afford believing them to be the better choice. Unlike most sports though a more expensive set of golf clubs will typically be too advanced or not have enough features to help those just starting out in the sport.

Playing Golf at Prestigious Courses – Enjoying a Round Like the Pros

When playing golf at your local or municipal golf course you may develop a feel for the course, almost knowing it like the back of your palm. Over time you may begin to feel slightly jaded with the course, especially if the course owners do not restructure or alter the difficulty of the course regularly. The desire to test your skills at new courses will eventually mean you want to visit other golf clubs.

Proper Golf Club Care to Keep Your Clubs Shining and Accurate

As any golfer knows, your clubs can play a big part in how well you perform out on the golf course. This is obvious if you step into any golf club store, there are hundreds of different models for each golf club from big hitting drivers to a myriad of differently designed putters.

The Ryder Cup and the Open – Two Big Golf Events in the UK in 2010

This year golfers and golf fans alike will be pleased to hear that two of the biggest tournaments in the game of golf are to be held in the UK. The Open, being held at the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland and the Ryder Cup, held this year at The Celtic Manor Resort in Wales.

Warming Up For a Round of Golf – Don’t Injure Yourself on the Course

Playing any sport you need to make sure that you are properly warmed up before you begin to prevent any injuries, unprepared muscles can seize or cause pain which will obviously be an inconvenience as you’ll likely be unable to play the sport for some time to recover. Golf is a particular sport where injuries can happen very easily especially if the player does not warm up before playing.

Wearing the Right Clothes For a Game of Golf

Golf can be a game you play on a sunny day, or it could be a game you play in challenging winds and rain, each provides a varying degree of difficulty and individual challenges that will test you and hopefully improve your golfing skills. You may see professional golfers taking to the course in particularly strange and vibrant clothing, especially British golfer Iain Poulter who is well known as one of the more “jazzy” dressers on the course.

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