Hit Driver 20+ Yards FURTHER By Increasing Efficiency

Three Essentials For Great Chipping

The chip shot is probably one of the easier shots, but it can still go wrong. If you use your same stance and wist action you have used to get your ball in a chipping position, the chances are it will go wrong. There are three key elements to chipping you must remember.

Think About a New Golf Bag For Next Year? What You Should Consider

So what kind of golf bag best suits how you play the game? Or another question is how do you think a new golf bag or the kind of golf bag represents you on the golf course?

Golf Fundamentals – Important Beginner Basics

Its important to differentiate between the major segments in golf. Short game, long game, and mid game. How good is your all around game?

Golf Lessons – How to Get the Most Out of Them

Do yo have buddies you play golf with who think they know how to fix your swing? Have you ever considered golf lessons? Perhaps you should give it more serious thought

How to Chose the Right Golf Equipment

How do you know when its time to upgrade to a new set of clubs? Should you get fit or just buy a set off the rack?

Some of the Most Common Golf Injuries – Really? Golf Injuries?

If you are an athlete you probably would not figure you could get hurt playing golf. Guess again. Even if you are in tip top shape you can get hurt. Read how…

Developing a Good Finish Position is a Key to Swing Improvement

Striving for a good finish is one of the easiest ways I know of to improve your swing. To get there, you’ll have to iron out the wrinkles and replace them with sound swing movements, and those corrections will almost take care of themselves.

How Should I Hold the Club?

I believe that a good grip is essential to a good swing. That being said, there is no one perfect grip. However, there are some key essentials to a good grip.

The Secret to Managing Your Golf Training Stress and Frustration

Learning to play golf, while developing your best golf swing can be incredibly challenging, but it should also be a great source of fun and relaxation. Too often, the weekend golfer is frustrated with the inconsistency of play in relation to pre-game enthusiasm, which by contrast is most often filled with anticipation of golf swing efficiency.

Develop Your Best Golf Swing by Mastering the Madness

While considering the impact of the mental aspects of the game of golf, I’m reminded of a former brother-in-law of mine who had to be the ultimate poster child of frustration and emotional meltdown. He destroyed so many golf clubs that I eventually lost count. Regardless of the miscue, whether a missed putt, a shank, a slice, hook or any other poorly executed golf shot, the offending golf club was doomed to either an encounter with a nearby tree, hammered into the fairway or at the very least, drowned in the closest water hazard.

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