Hogan’s Magic Elbow TIP For Better Golf Swings

Where to Find Free Golf Swing Advice

Golf is a sport loved and despised by many people and many of these people are the same person! No other sport creates such a love-hate relationship as golf.

How Important is Golf Etiquette and Course Management to Your Golf Game?

Golf is a traditional game steeped in history. By studying the methods the golf masters use you will reduce your score and your game will improve.

Golf Mulligan – Really, What is a Mulligan in Golf?

A Golf Mulligan is a special animal created only for golfers, wanna be golfers, or those of us who think we are golfers. A mulligan in golf is a special occurrence helping to alleviate the stress of all levels of players. Being not only a very important, but essential tool for the well being of athletes around the world, what really is a golf mulligan?

How I Cured My Golf Slice

Now that I am a little older, my accuracy has gotten markedly better but my distance has lessened. I cannot hit a driver to save my life, even with a couple of lessons I have had.

Tips on Buying Cheap Golf Clubs

If you’re thinking about taking up golf as a hobby or taking it up as a way of losing weight, then you’re going to need a few tips on buying cheap golf clubs. First of all, you need to ask yourself whether you’re really serious about playing – are you going to play regularly or only when the mood takes you? If you decide that playing golf is going to be something you’re serious about, the next thing you’re going to need is a set of clubs.

The Golfers Mental Game Training – 2 of 4 – Train Your Swing Quickly & Properly Using Mental Imagery

You may be one of those dedicated golfers who work hard at trying to groove better swing mechanics in the hope that one day you may perfect a swing which is reliable, consistent and gets you winning more often. If you are not practicing properly then you may be wasting hundreds even thousands of hours of training for no reason. Would you like to know how to massively accelerate learning and groove that swing quicker and easier than you thought possible?

The Golfers Mental Game Training – 3 of 4 – Program Your Mind to Achieve Your Golf Goals Easily

What can you Learn from Jack Nicklaus and Albert Einstein that will help you play better golf and if you really want, play better golf than you think you are capable of? Most golfers are capable of playing far better golf than they actually believe and this may be you? The right way to achieve goals beyond your expectation is surprisingly easy.

Practice to Improve Your Golf Game

No matter what game you play, or what level of skill you’re at you still need to practice to improve your game and find your weak points. No amount of fancy equipment tips or techniques will improve your golf game unless you are prepared to put in the practice time on the golf course.

How to Get Better at Disc Golf

Disc golf is a sport that is going to take some practice to get better at. Find out some tips that you can use that will help you improve your game reducing strokes.

Are You Playing False Golf With a False Golf Swing?

Have you been lured into a trap by believing any error is automatically caused by a swing fault or poor judgment on the course? Prepare to have that idea blasted out of the water.

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