How to become a GREAT ball striker with DRIVER and IRONS

What Else Can You Do to Increase Your Golf Swing Distance – 4 Golf Distance Tips

Tired of searching for the best golf distance tips that would free you from playing the wrong kind of game? Since golf distance has become your main concern, it is vital for you to learn how to counter it. Countering the field that you find difficult to handle is one good thing for a player to achieve so as to advance to a more fulfilling game. Learning by means of practicing on the side is tops for beginner golfers like you. Read on to redirect you to a much better path in golf.

Golf Conditioning Exercises That Are Essential In Perfecting Your Game and Form

The game of golf looks like it does not take much of energy or strength. After all, how much muscle work does one need to whack that golf club and hit the ball soaring? And when it comes to putting, one does not even have to use so much power anyway. Well, whoever thought of the game in this light is wrong on both accounts. Physical fitness is necessary in playing this game. The swing in itself is a connected, fluid motion of muscles and joints working together to guide the energy efficiently from one’s body to the club and finally to the ball. That is why; even professional players of the PGA have a certain set of golf conditioning exercises to keep their bodies fit and in the proper state to play the best game they can.

4 Areas That Should Be Targeted By Golf Muscle Exercises

Golf is a game that looks tranquil enough to put anybody asleep. However, this subdued sport requires a whole lot of muscle work, flexibility and endurance. When you see a player swinging away on the greens, from his built you will most probably say he is not the bulkiest or strongest athlete in the world. But, since pros discovered how focusing on fitness and exercise add more oomph to their game, golf muscle exercises have become popular and well practiced. This means that one should not assume that these players’ muscles are not as toned and well chiselled as those who play a different sport.

How Can I Improve My Golf Game – Use This Simple Process

Are you struggling with your golf game? Are you looking for ways to reduce your golf handicap? Do you have specific problems with Driving or Iron Play, Putting or getting out of the Sand, Chipping or Pitching? With a simple six step process, you can solve these problems and improve your golf game dramatically.

Discover The Unprecedented Features of The Best Golf GPS System

Have you been searching for what is the best golf GPS system? Look no further and listen up as I reveal to you not only what is the best golf GPS system, but I will also share with you some of the features that separate it from the rest of the pack of golf GPS’s.

My Golf Experience – Yesterday’s Lesson and Another Lesson That I Learned

While my daughter’s were getting a lesson from PGA pro Ted Eleftheriou, I was eavesdropping (quite obviously) for pointers on how to improve my non-existent golf game. I have only held a club since they began in January. I’ve caught the bug.

Inside Out Golf Swing Drills – Golf Swing Tips

The inside out golf swing refers to the swing plane that the club takes as it passes through the ball. Swing plane is one of the golf swing tips that are most difficult to master, but achieving an inside out golf swing combined with a grip that keeps the club face in proper position will enable any golfer to shape the ball as is required.

How To Golf Swing With A Driver

You are first at tee and you feel nervous. The palms of your hands are sweating. Good thing you have your gloves on so no one notices the wet palms. You are concerned about how to golf swing with a driver. This is not the time to ask that question, your primary thought should be on the readiness to hit the golf ball.

Hint for a Better Golf Swing

We moved to Las Vegas just about 10 years ago from the terrible weather in NY.  Since that time we’ve had an opportunity to learn how to play golf.  I’m not young; I’m 66 years old and I started golf 5 years ago when I was 61 so unlike the people who have an automatic swing from years of swinging a club I had to teach my body the mechanics while limited by the reduction of flexibility age brings.

How Far Should Novice Golfers Hit Their Clubs?

Distance. That seems to be the reason many people play golf, to see how far they can hit the ball. And why not? It’s fun to see that ball go for a long ride. There’s the part about getting the ball into the hole, too, but if you asked any golfer if they wanted to hit the ball farther or score lower, the answer would likely be, “Let me think about that.”

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