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3 Reasons You Should Get a Badboy Buggy For Your Outdoor Adventures

These days you will see more and more of the Bad Boy Buggies on the golf course than your traditional golf cart. Make sure that you do your homework when trying one of these carts out and don’t make these mistakes.

Reasons to Buy Cheap Golf Clubs

Often times, we see cheap golf clubs for sale as something that we feel when we are out looking for cheap products on someone’s garage. Cheap golf clubs can be quite displeasing because of this kind of thinking sometimes. We often think that something with value must have a higher price.

6 Ways For Golfers to Avoid Becoming a Skin Cancer Statistic

Recent statistics are alarming with respect to skin cancer and young people. Golfers are especially prone to skin cancer.

What Are Some Golf Tips For a Beginner?

I find it frustrating when someone tells me how to do something. This happens in most things, but it’s especially frustrating while playing golf. I’ve been playing for years. I have to admit there are times where I should swallow my pride and listen to the advice. I’m working on it, but it takes time.

Can Changing Golf Swing Mechanics Help?

I followed the pro tour the past couple months pretty regularly, especially the different golf swing mechanics. The pros all did things slightly different, so it took some time to see which style would help me.

How Will Golf Swing Training Aids Better Your Golf Game?

We’ve been golfing for years, and Chris and I especially enjoy a local pro course that has the perfect amount of challenges. Most days we can get around pretty good. Although several months ago, my swing started acting up. Suddenly, I was struggling with controlling where the ball landed.

Should You Save by Getting Cheap Golf Shoes?

Golfers spend money. There is no doubt about that. They spend a lot of money. When you add up the price of the clubs, clothes and cost of getting on the course, you have a whole bunch of money being spent. Every once in a while a golfer will see how much they are actually spending and try to save a few dollars.

How to Stop a Slice – With Chicken Wings

Discover a great tip here to stop a slice – if you suffer with chicken wings. This is one of a series of articles I have dedicated to fixing the slice. The slice destroys all confidence in your golf swing.

Golf, the Secret Way to Youth

The fact is we are all aging. As we get older our bodies slow down. The results are usually stiff, sore muscles and any number of joint problems. There is a solution, golf. There are so many professional senior golfers that they have their own PGA. This is not a coincidence.

Top 3 Secrets to Become a Better Golfer For Beginners Or Seasoned Players

If you wish to become a better golfer and improve your golf game then you are going to need a solid foundation for your golf swing and in particular your short game. Discover the top 3 secrets to improving your golf game and watch how quickly your golf game gets on track to lower scores.

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