How to DRAW & FADE your driver – REALLY SIMPLE TIPS

What Are Some Advantages of Golf Schools?

If you’re looking for a place to start practicing on your golf game, there are many options. One that you should consider is the wide variety of golf schools located throughout the United States. You’ll be able to find a good one by searching the Internet or looking through golf magazines, but you should be careful to be sure that what they are offering is best for you and your golf game.

Which Golf Clubs Will You Get the Most Payback From?

Every year golfers shell out a small fortune for new golf equipment. If you’re on an unlimited budget, this article will probably not be for you. But if you do have limited funds and want to put them to the best use, read on. Here we will try to provide some input on the clubs you should spend the most for. Surprisingly, you won’t have to spend a King’s ransom to give yourself a very serviceable set of clubs, but you will definitely get more bang for your buck by investing in the right ones.

Tune-Up and Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Golf Buggy

Like all other vehicles, an electric golf buggy’s useful life is limited. But you can prolong it’s usefulness with regular tune-up and maintenance. Please read on to know some pointers on how to keep your electric golf vehicle in good condition. This can help to to enable you to maintain its value.

Fitness Improves Your Game

You have been professionally fitted, are the proud owner of a beautiful set of new clubs and possess a couple dozen of the golf ball perfectly suited to your swing. You saw immediate results after the first round with your new goodies in all parts of your game, much to the chagrin of your golfing buddies. However, it turns out that these improvements have whetted your appetite more than fully satisfying you.

Equipment for the Golfer Just Getting Started

Technology in golf equipment has made vast strides in the last fifty years, and as long as there is a market for equipment that golfers think will change their game overnight, we will continue to see advances. There is no doubt some clubs, such as the hybrids, are truly innovative and will help many golfers. It is just as true that some of these new expensive pieces of equipment are just shiny new gadgets.

How To Trigger The Relaxation Response in Your Pre-Shot Routine

Two things that every golfer needs in order to be successful on the golf course are an effective pre-shot routine and the ability to stay relaxed. This article reveals a way to relax more into each shot by using a simple breathing routine that any golfer can learn to do. Golfers this is a must read mental golf tip.

Stay And Play Golf: A Stroke Of Genius

A stay and play golf package is an incredible way to relax at a fine hotel while working on your putting game. Hotels and country clubs strike up deals with each other in order to provide excellent value packs for consumers.

10 Facts About Hypnosis Every Golfer Needs to Know

Golfers did you know hypnosis is a way to accelerate learning, improve performance on the course, and lower your score? Discover 10 facts about hypnosis and why it’s the best mental fitness technique for golfers.

Help For Golfers Who Think They Can’t Visualize

Do you have a hard time visualizing on the golf course? If so, this short mental golf tip is a must read.

Your Guide to Basic Golf Etiquette

In one way or another, we are all asked to follow rules. They serve the purpose of giving us direction and setting standards for good behavior. When playing golf, be sure you know the best way to play and win your game without losing the respect of your fellow players.

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