How To Hit The BALL FIRST Then The Ground EVERY TIME

Improve Your Putting by Overcoming the Mental Hurdles

The brand new golfer can walk on to the green and strike that white ball then watch it drop in the hole without blinking an eye where as the seasoned golfer is shaking in his or her cleats terrified about what is about to take place during that six foot path to the hole. When it comes to improving your putting it is all about getting over that mental hurdle that does not affect the new player.

Breaking 80 in Golf – Five Tips to Chipping From Heavy Rough Near the Green For Duffers

You’ve misshit your approach shot slightly and your ball now lies just off the green settled down in some thick rough. Once you have finished complaining about how unfair golf can be, you will need to prepare for that next shot. How will you attack this challenge?

Improve Your Putting For a Better Golf Score

When you travel to a local golf facility you see a high number of people swinging expensive drivers and the latest irons trying to perfect that perfect swing but for some reason the practice green resembles a cemetery. If you watch a major championship then you should know that the title is not won or lost when using the big clubs but what happens when the putter is pulled out of the bag.

Lost Creek Country Club – Luxury Living and Golfing in Austin

The Lost Creek Country Club offers a wide range of activities for families and individuals looking for an outstanding recreational experience. Best known for its championship golf course, the Lost Creek Country Club also offers sixteen lighted tennis courts, a state-of-the-art fitness center, on-site daycare services, three swimming pools, and a casual-dining restaurant offering prime rib specials and formal dining for special occasions. Lost Creek offers a comprehensive range of recreational activities and benefits for members, including discounts at golf courses all around the country and resorts in Austin and San Antonio.

Custom Golf Club Tips

Golfing ability, style, and swing are all very distinctive. Today you have the option of a custom fit golf club designed specially for your grip type, lie angle, swing type, shaft type, height, and a combination of many other factors.

How to Get the Right Golf Bag

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, we all can agree that one of the most important component of golf equipment is the golf bag. In line with golf clubs, a golf bag is a necessity, protecting those clubs and your other golf tools.

The Best Reasons to Take Golf Lessons

If you want to succeed at golf, you need to take golf lessons. Golf lessons have proven very useful.

Women’s Golf Apparel – Becoming Popular Along With the Golfers

One sport that was traditionally favored by men but is now popular with women is golf. The game is gaining so much popularity primarily because of its exposure in television.

Learning to Play With Left Handed Golf Clubs

Using standard golf clubs that are made for right handed people if you’re left handed can be quite difficult. Instead of being able to improve the way you play, they will more likely just impair you and keep you from improving. As a lefty, it would be much better for you to learn the game the right way by using left handed golf clubs.

Better Golf Ball Impact EQUALS Better Golf Game

How many times have you hit the golf ball and you KNEW before you even looked up that your golf shot Stank with a capital “S”. You knew it was a bad shot because you could feel that the golf ball impact was weak. Our aim here is to achieve better golf ball impact more often so we can all have a better golf game.

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