How To Hit Wedges | Close to Long Range

Using The Best Golf Grips To Eliminate Strokes

Having a good grip on the golf club is the secret to eliminating strokes. However, many people overlook such a simple problem. A recent study showed that most golfers preferred using Golf Pride Grips.

Build Your Golf Swing Part 2 – The Importance Of Your Pre Shot Routine

Just as an actor would never step out on stage without rehearsing his lines, you should NEVER attempt to play any golf shot without rehearsing your swing first. You may get lucky once, but that luck won’t hold forever. If you don’t believe a Pre Shot Routine is important then answer this. Why does EVERY professional golfer have one? And why do they make sure they go through it before they play EVERY shot?

Sharpen Your Skills With These Golf Swing Tips

Golf is a game loved by many. It can be fun and it can get frustrating. If your game is in need of improvement, follow these golf swing tips to sharpen your skills.

Play Golf On Tour – Do You Have What It Takes to Make It Through Q School?

PGA golf qualifying school (Q School) could just possibly be the most difficult job application process in the world. Can you imagine applying for a potentially very high paying job as a golf tournament pro that required you to go through a minimum of three grueling 72 hole qualifying tournaments starting with over one thousand other golfers from fifteen different countries before you make it to the final qualifying stage where you have to compete over another 108 holes with about 120 other golfers for just twenty five available spots on the US PGA tour?

Five Ways to Improve Your Golf Setup

Everyone wants to have a good golf swing, and why not? That’s how you get the ball in the fairway and on the green in the least number of strokes. But instead of hitting buckets of balls, check these five things about your setup. They could be all you need to make your swing start clicking right now.

Golf For Beginners – How To Get On A Level Par With Your More Experienced Opponents

Golf for beginners can be a daunting prospect when you are playing against more experienced players, even under the handicap system. There is, however, a way in which to get an edge over your expert rivals, Let’s break down the shots required to complete a typical hole for the amateur golfer, we’ll ignore par 3 holes for this excercise and concentrate on par 4’s and 5’s. In a perfect world you would play these holes thus…

Build Your Golf Swing Part 1 – Where Does Your Golf Swing Begin?

To make the correct golf swing you need to know where it really starts. Get this step wrong and you’ll NEVER make a consistently good swing. Master this step and watch your handicap come down.

Finding Reliable and Effective Golf Lessons

A lot of golfers think that they can pick up a club and start playing like a professional instantly. Players that have been involved with golf for a while will realise that this is simply not the case. Playing golf requires a person to control their emotions, whilst being able to keep themselves physically and mentally fit to achieve their optimum performance. The reality is to be a great golfer a person needs to combine the above.

Golf Practice Tips for Success on the Tees

There is always the temptation to rush to a green and simply start hitting balls. For people that want to have a bit of fun on the driving range, then this is fine. On The flip side, for people that are wanting to generally improve their game, this is not going to help – they need to take things much more seriously.

Tips for Improving Your Golf Skills

Whether the golfer in question is a complete beginner, or has been playing golf for years, there are always ways to improve their game play. There are plenty of different things that need to be focused on, but it is really hard to know where to start. Generally, people that are offering golf advice that will help with improving golf skills will split learning down into sections. They will offer advice on setting goals, how to adapt a learning style and different methods of practice to achieve the goals that have previously been set.

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