How to Keep the Left Arm STRAIGHT in the Golf Swing!

Designer Golf Clothing on and Off the Course

Golf is not just about the correct swing or a hole in one but also it comes with a preconceived idea and tradition when it comes to fashion and looking good on the course. The easily recognised golf fashion is known throughout the world and when we think golf fashion the first thing that comes to mind is the diamond pattern knitwear and pullovers.

Improve Your Driving Distance With 5 Tricks

When beginning to construct a great golf swing it is important to look at golf ball positioning. Golfing is, after all, a game of small changes that have big impact. A typical placement is to have the ball forward in your stance.

Golf Club Reviews – Your Help in Choosing an Excellent Set of Clubs

If you are a golf enthusiast, or at least familiar with the game, then you may very well know that it takes several kinds of golf clubs to complete an entire course. Some golfers are known to have their caddies carry as many as fourteen different kinds of golf clubs during a game.

After Years of Struggling to Build a Repeatable Golf Swing, One Simple Tip From Doc Changed it All

Follow Doc’s 4 steps to develop a powerful, accurate and repeatable golf swing that will have you shooting the lowest golf scores of your life. If you think one simple swing change can not possibly make that much of a difference, your dead wrong! That’s what I thought too, and now I’m trying to help others who love the game of Golf, but just cant seem to crack the code to a great swing.

The Basics of Golf

Since golf was first introduced in 1456 AD in Edinburgh, Scotland, its fame has skyrocketed to almost every country in the world. Professionals and amateurs alike are spending most of their time in golf courses to enjoy the sport.

Putting the Right Power in Your Golf Swings For Beginners

When driving in golf, the right power is important to get your desired result. Swing with insufficient power and your ball will fall short of your expectation, literally.

Golf Wedges – Few Facts You Should Know Before Buying

Golf, as other items of sports, is all about getting an advantage over your opponents. And nothing helps you better in that than wedges. Golf wedges can turn the direction of the game at any point and is often called the “scoring tool” of the game.

Skycaddie SGX Rangefinder

The Skycaddie SGX brings with it a brand new design, overhauled user interface and the same pinpoint GPS precision that has become a calling card of the Skycaddie Range. Its large screen is complimented by software that owes something of its look and feel to the iPhone, of all things, which can only be a positive comment. The Skycaddie SGX is also easy to use for those who have never used a range finder during a golf game before, as well as for those who are seasoned golf gadget veterans.

The Best Auction Items For Your Charity Golf Tournament

If you’re planning a charity golf fundraiser, you’re likely to have two important objectives in mind: First, to raise as much money as possible for your charity, and second, to ensure that everyone has a great time. A successful charity golf event usually includes an auction of interesting items in addition to one or more dinner or cocktail receptions and – of course – the tournament itself. It’s customary to have a pairings party on the evening before play commences.

Golf Fitness – 5 Great Exercises

Fitness or Medical tubing is a great low resistance exercise that can help increase the length of a golfer’s back swing. Attach the tubing to the top of a door. Stand with minimal resistance when your arms are fully extended behind you.

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