How to make sure you buy the right golf trolley [TROLLEY BUYERS GUIDE]

3 Tips for Improving Your Short Putt

One of the most important things that can be done to better your round of golf is certainly to improve your putting. While it might appear impossible, merely practicing and working to enhance a few small details on the short putt will considerably improve your abilities.

Finding the Best Golf Package at the Best Price in Myrtle Beach

Part 1: How to find and review courses so you’re not stuck with a cow pasture. Myrtle Beach golf is a unique business. I can’t think of another part of the country where there are so many different options for the golfer to choose from.

Average Clubhead Speed on the PGA Tour

This article discusses the clubhead speeds of the average player on the PGA Tour. Since there is much incorrect information online, it is important to use the official statistics to collect this information.

Read This Before You Buy a Golf Cart Lift Kit

Installing a golf cart lift kit on your golf cart/golf buggy is a great idea for a number of reasons, but before you rush into it make sure you read this introduction to golf cart lift kits. We hope this information helps you make the installation process easier.

How to Hit a Golf Ball

This article explains how to hit a golf ball, which can sometimes seem like a really daunting task! It can get very frustrating to a novice golfer when they continually miss the ball altogether.

What to Look for in a Golf Club Building and Repair Workshop

You can improve your performance by maintaining your clubs in good shape. You need to look for a workshop certified in golf club building and repair and who ideally also performs golf club fitting.

Ideal for Any Golf Fanatic

Are you looking for the perfect birthday or fathers day present for your golf mad friend or relative?. Branded or personalised golf accessories are perfect unique gifts for any golf fanatic. Perhaps your business is sponsoring a local golf event or maybe you need some promotional gifts to build brand awareness and entice potential clients. Many golf accessories can now be customised with your company logo, slogan and colours to suit your style.Branded golf accessories are ideal, practical gifts for your clients.

The Secret to Finding Tips For Golf Beginners

Playing sports is something that is commonly enjoyed among people around the world today. There are many sporting activities that are focused on by people that are seeking to have as much fun and excitement as possible. When they have the chance it can require a great deal of practice and knowledge to be successfully implemented. Anyone considering this process and specific sport should be versed in easily locating tips for golf beginners to help make sure they are as successful as possible when playing the game sport.

Divot Sand Explained

Divot sand is more than just sand you put on the course, it can be the difference in healthy durable grass and continued growth of turf on course. Divot sand comes in a variety of forms, applications and blends and if used correctly can make a golf course top-notch.

Golf Driver Categories, There Is a Difference in Distance!

There are 1,000’s of golf drivers available. I am going break them into categories for you. Golf Driver definition: The longest and lowest-lofted wood is the driver, or 1 wood, and has the longest range of any club in a golfer’s bag.

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