How to: SWING A GOLF CLUB (super simple)

Buying The Right Pair Of Men’s Golf Shoes Can Improve Your Performance On The Course

When purchasing men’s golf shoes, it all starts with the fit. The right pair will have you feeling confident when you take your next swing.

Is There a Difference Between Golf Balls?

For confused amateurs trying to educate themselves on the basics of the game, golf is an enjoyable pastime that requires an awful lot of patience and effort in attempting to learn the ropes. Most importantly, new players want to improve their skills, as well as learning the differences between the clubs they use, perfecting their golf swing, improving their chipping technique, discovering how balls roll in a diverse range of conditions and trying to effortlessly sink the perfect putt time after time. Golfers want to progress and develop, which takes an immense amount of time practicing, plus a lot of time spent retaining the information they have been taught.

The Ideal Golf Swing

Very few golfers have ever learned the correct swing with a golf club. The poor swings they use lead to slicing, hooking, fat shots, and the many other game destroying faults they experience every time they play.

Tiger Woods Was Voted 2013 PGA Tour Player of the Year, Tiger Woods Has Proven That He Is Number One

Tiger Woods was voted 2013 PGA Tour player of the year. Tiger Woods has proven that he is the best for the 11th time on the strength of his five big wins and return to No. 1 in the world.

What Are Important Considerations When Buying Golf Gifts For Dad?

Getting the best golf gifts for dad should not be complicated. You only need to arm yourself with a few considerations when looking and deciding what to give. Your dad will appreciate your gift especially when he sees that you have given it some thought.

What Are Unique Golf Gifts For Dad?

Choosing the right golf gifts for dad should not be a daunting task. However, we cannot dismiss the fact that buying gifts, specifically for a dad who loves golf can sometimes prove to be difficult. If you are not very knowledgeable about golf, you might end up buying things he already have or things he might not even use.

How Can You Save When Buying Golf Gifts For Dad?

Buying golf gifts for dad is an exciting task especially knowing that he will be happy upon seeing your gift. It is inevitable that you would want to give the best gift for your dad. However, buying golf gifts can be very expensive.

How Can You Save Time In Getting Golf Gifts For Dad?

Buying golf gifts for dad can be time consuming. If you are a busy person, finding time to browse through different golf items might be a problem for you. There are a lot of choices and you might have trouble picking which one to give to your dad.

Where to Tee the Ball Within the Tee Box

Many players that I have played with seem to mindlessly walk into the tee box and push a tee into the ground. It is true that one of the first things I look for is a flat area, as a completely flat area makes the swing a little easier, and often all areas of the tee box are not completely level. But there is really more to choosing the area in the box you want to hit from, and it entails shape of the hole and how you are trying to shape the ball.

The Different Ways A Beginner Golf Player Can Learn How To Play Golf

A lot of people are now getting into playing golf either as a hobby or on a professional level. As a beginner golf player you may need some guidelines on how to go about learning how to play is exciting sport. Fortunately there are various ways on which one can learn and it all depends on which one you are comfortable with.

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