How to Time Your Release Perfectly to Smash Longer Straighter Drives!

How You Can Shop For A Golf Gift

Buying a golf gift could be complicated when you don’t know anything about golf. Golf players have their preferences with regard to gear and equipment. The first thing to consider is that if he is a newbie or perhaps a professional.

Why Do Professional Golfers on Tour Prefer Playing a Fade Then a Draw

Why do professional golfers on tour prefer playing a fade then a draw? While club amateurs like us are always trying to play a draw just to get that extra distances. To understand on how to manufacture a fade shot or a draw shot in golf.

Golf Gift Ideas – Do’s And Don’t’s

Are you looking for wonderful golf gift ideas? You won’t run out of golf gift ideas if you only allow your imagination to run free. Your family members might appreciate a homemade gift.

Try Out Different Golf Courses to Improve Your Game

With so many different golf courses out there to play, there’s no reason to play the same one over and over. Start playing at various locations to take your game to the next level.

Discover the Know – Feel – Trust Factor in Your Golf Swing

If you understand the Know – Feel – Trust factor in your golf swing, you’ll finally understand why a lot of the “modern day” instruction does nothing to improve your golf game. Too many mechanical swing thoughts will prevent you from being able to tap into that golfer within. The Know – Feel – Trust factor will unlock your unique, personal golf swing DNA and have you playing golf like the pros do.

Golf Training Drills

This article talks about golf drills and how they will help you improve your overall game. With practice makes perfect the old saying. This article will give the reader practical off the golf course training drills.

How to Hit a Golf Ball on an Uneven Lie

No matter where you play golf, you will always encounter uneven lies, and there are some courses where that’s the only shot you’ll play. Whether the ball is above or below your feet, or an uphill or downhill lie, you must make some swing adjustments. The biggest obstacle you will have to making this shot properly is to maintain balance, and we all know that proper balance is a key to maintaining a consistent swing.

Things To Learn About The Backyard Putting Green

If you’re serious about improving your techniques in golf, but you don’t have any time to practice in a real course, you can purchase a backyard putting green. It is an artificial grass designed specifically to resemble a real course. The idea is for serious and hobbyist golfers be able to practice some hitting and swinging in the convenience of their very own homes.

Backyard Putting Green Guidelines

If you’re not familiar yet what a backyard putting green is, this article will help you understand the uses and benefits of it. You will be surprised how a putting green will turn your backyard to lush-looking and make your house look very calm and refreshing. A putting green is an artificial grass that usually resembles a golf course.

The Mental Game Of Golf – Improve Your Physical Game With These 3 Mindset Tips

Why spending time on the mental game of golf will transform your physical game. Learn 3 strategies that you can start implementing straight away for immediate results.

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