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Golf Swing Tips For Beginners – 3 Tips to Get Started the Right Way

I have been playing golf for over 10 years, and played competitively at the collegiate level. You would think at that level that the game is a lot different than it would be at the beginner, but really it is not. Do you know the main thing separating the best players in the world from struggling new golfers?

Improve Your Golf Iron Game – How to Hit Better Iron Shots Time After Time!

Hitting the irons solid is one of the most important aspects of golf, because that is your link between the driver and getting the ball to the green. If you want to improve your golf iron game, then there are a few tips that you need to consider in order to become effective.

Break 80 the Easy Way

Here are four ways to let your mind lead you to a round in the 70s. It might not come as a surprise that those four ways to use your mind are how to play to your peak no matter what your skill level is.

How to Improve Your Driver Golf Swing

There are many high-caliber, amateur players who play without a driver in their bag. They do this because they can get distance out of their woods and don’t like the unreliability of a driver. But, this is sort of the chicken way out and if you want to play with the “big boys”, then you need to find a way to get your driver golf swing back under control.

Golf Swing Release – How to Release the Club Through Impact For More Success

The golf swing release is something that many golfers struggle with, primarily because most do not understand it. You see, the golf swing is a series of events, all of them leading to an end result. Without getting the other parts of the equation intact, then you are really just putting a band-aid fix on one potential problem. However, it is important to have a proper golf swing release, so in this article I am going to show you how to do just that.

How to Hit a Driver Straight – 3 Keys to Hitting the Fairway Every Time!

Do you struggle with your driver? The driver is one of the most difficult clubs in the bag to hit, because of the long shaft and little amount of loft. Therefore, most golfers have no idea how to hit a driver straight on a consistent basis. In this article I want to share with you three tips that you can use to hit the golf ball farther and straighter on a consistent basis.

Exciting Game of Golf Delivers Good Mental Relaxation

People are getting harmful and dangerous diseases day by day. Reason is they are going far away from those mental and physical exercises and games, which can give them a boost to fight against these diseases.

How to Get Started Playing Golf

Golf is often seen as an intimidating activity for the beginner. When you first start it can seem impossible to learn everything involved, even just hitting a golf ball in the right direction can seem insurmountable. So if you would like some tips on how to get over the fear and get the confidence to join a golf club and play competitions read on.

Tips on Buying Women’s Golf Clubs

With so many different styles of women’s golf clubs available, it is not an easy task to find a set that is right for you. Given the cost involved with picking up a new set of clubs, it makes prefect sense that people will want to try and get the best value for money as possible.

A Quick Golf Clinic!

This is a short guide for new golfers to help with their stance and swing. The article provides tips and takes you through the golf swing.

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